Post #4 Short Story

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A. My short story is called¬†“Princess Santubong.”¬†It is about two beloved princesses. When they were sent down to Earth, they made a promise to never fight. But one day, Prince Serapi visits Pasir Puith, the village where the princesses ruled. Both princesses fall in love with him. So they start fighting which makes the king very upset; because they broke their promise. He curses them and they become the mountains and islands that make up Malaysia.

B. “The beautiful woven cloths made by Princess Santubong were much admired by the merchants.” This sentence describes how the princess was loved and admired by the people.” Her cheek made the mountain to be chipped on one side.” I liked how this sentence illustrates how the princesses were cursed and what the king did to them.

C. The syntax in this story is very similar. Almost all of the sentences are about the same length. I feel like the story would be more interesting and have more depth if they varied the sentences more.

D. The main theme of this story is that you should always stay true to the promises you make; even if it means sacrificing.

E. The main cultural items that I noticed in this story were names of the islands; Kera Island, Satang Island, and Talang-talang Island. Another one that I noticed was Mount Santubong, named after the Princess Santubong.

Post #3 News Article

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a. My article is all about how Malaysia is trying to ban all fake news. They are calling it a “new enemy.” Malaysia is one of the world-leaders when it comes to preventing fake news. However, they worry about figuring out who decides the truth.

b. The main problem is that fake news is dangerous and can even be expensive.

c. Based on the information given in the article, Malaysia seems like a very safe, uninvolved country. They aren’t involved in any wars or foreign affairs at the moment. Even though they aren’t a first-world country, they are still much more advanced and well-off than other countries of their kind.

Post #2 Background Information

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The country of Malaysia is home to over 31.19 million people. The majority of people live in the city of Peninsular. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpar; with a population of 1.73 million people. Another major city in this country is George Town of Penang; home to the annual George Town Literacy Festival and the Lek Lok Si Buddhist Temple. The three major languages spoken in Malaysia are Malay, English, and Mandarian.

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