Pop Lit. Blog #3 – Series Final

I will be reading the trilogy of To All of the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I chose to do this series after I finished the first book for our first term book “show and tell.” I absolutely loved the first book and I have to know how it ends! The first book ends with some loose ends, so I quickly devoured the second book. And I really enjoyed the second book, P.S. I Still Love You. I might’ve liked the second book more than the first, because it talks about Peter and Lara Jean’s real relationship, not their pretend one. I also loved reading these two novels because after watching the movie, I was able to see the parts that they had taken from the second book and put in the movie for the first book. I only have to finish the final book, Always and Forever, Lara Jean. I plan to quickly read this last book, once I can get it from the library. I hope to finish it well before the final project is due.

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