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I chose the quote, “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step”. I really like this quote. Because I think that any step forward is progress. And if you take enough baby steps, eventually you will get where you want to go.

Ok, i don’t want to go all churchy or anything, but i do want to say something that I heard in church the other day. My religious leader said that even if you are not moving backwards, if you are not moving at all, that is taking you backwards. That’s not an exact quote, and I didn’t say it exactly right, but i think you get the gist. If you are not moving forward, even if it is baby steps, you are moving backward.

Another thing he has said is that you are “always becoming.” That everything that you do is taking you down one path or another, based on your decisions. In “To Kill A Mockingbird,” Miss Maudie says that quote. She is referring to the stand against racism. And that even though Atticus is going to lose the trial, it is still a baby step in the right direction.

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  1. i really liked what you said about moving backwards even if were not moving at all. i think this is so true with racism. if youre not moving forward at all with whats going on in racism then its getting worse.

  2. I really like the idea you shared from church. The world is always moving forward so if you are standing still, everyone will pass you.

  3. I really liked how you said if we are not moving forward then we are moving backwards- if you think about it too, if you aren’t doing anything you are missing opportunities and are losing time that increases gaps, which definitely means you are moving backwards.

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