Love Moderately

Friar Lawrence encourages Romeo and Juliet to love each other moderately. He compares it to a person eating honey. That even if you like honey so much, if you eat so much of it, you will get tired of it and not like it anymore. Friar Lawrence doesn’t want Romeo and Juliet to end up feeling that way about each other. He doesn’t want them to love each other so much that in the end they won’t like each other. He says that the more violently you love in the beginning, the more violently the pain will be after. So it’s pretty much saying, that the more you like the guy before, the harder the break up is going to be. Which is true! Friar Lawrence also says that if you love someone so much at the beginning, you won’t have enough love for later, and you love will run out. “The sweetest honey, is loathsome in it’s own deliciousness.” So in conclusion, don’t love them so much that when it ends, you are broken hearted, and don’t love them so much that your love runs out.

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  1. I like how you used the analogy of honey. It gives us something we can easily compare the Friar’s claims to.

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