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2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations

First semester, I think I did very well with annotating and writing these articles on my blog. But with the annotating, I am able to write down all the things  that really jump out at me. I am going to just continue on like this for this semester. What I kind of sucked at was getting in work on time. Especially those essay things that we did. Luckily I turned them in before Mr. Green graded them, because he grades our class last, so my grade did not really suffer there but it was still a great big burden to be constantly worried about getting those in. I want to be able to write in a more efficient way and all around learn to spend more time on the writing assignments I am given. And writing assignments are literally almost every assignment we get in here, so I will be able to get plenty of practice.


(This is me at home tirelessly working away to please our master, Mr. Green)

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  1. Cayden

    I love the end in parenthesis, this was a juicy post.

  2. Lane

    I helped you turn those in big boy.

  3. Hunter

    I was kinda the opposite I had no problem turning things in on time but I did not always do very good on the annotating stuff.

  4. Faith

    That is a great goal. Maybe work on getting things in on time by working in class.

  5. Optima Decipio

    I forget to turn stuff in too!

  6. Lincoln

    I also turned in my assignments in late.

  7. Caleb

    The end was the best thing I have EVER read haha…our master

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