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Real Courage

I think that this definition of courage is something that needs to be more spread and thought about. Because for many boys, if you don’t show this “perfect image” of courage you’re seen as a wuss and sort of cast out for this. Now this could be similar for girls, however I’m not one of those so I wouldn’t know. If more boys could see this and understand this than I don’t think there would be nearly as much ridicule and they would actually learn important things for them to carry throughout the rest of their life. Now standing for what you belive like it says here with a “gun in your hand” is still important but not everyone needs to be having this mental picture of “courage.” This is really almost the exact same as my own definition just because I really think it should be pushed more. Boys don’t always have to be the “big boy.”


(This is a big boy)

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  1. Jordan

    Nice Post. I agree with you, sometimes we only act courageous because we want approval, but standing up for what’s right takes real courage.

  2. Sebastian

    I agree with you, people think that courage means to do something big or important , but small things can also be acts of courage.

  3. Lane

    Oooh that post really got my juices going

  4. Alexander

    I totally agree Ethan. I would say that as a guy if you aren’t approved then you will live you life thinking every other guy is going to outcast you and you won’t have friends but real courage comes from within.

  5. Lincoln

    I agree that this idea of real courage should be spread more.

  6. Hallie

    I really like how you made it specific. I’m obviously not a guy, but I liked the different perspective.

  7. Emolynn

    good thought etanderson

  8. Olivia

    I really like how you said that if you don’t show “the perfect image of courage” then you are seen as a wuss. Witch is totally not true because there are a lot of different times of courage.

  9. Molly

    I agree!! Courage isn´t what other people think it is….it´s what you think it is.

  10. Kendyl

    i agree

  11. Caleb

    I got one word for you, PREACH!

  12. Nice picture. Now I’m hungry. Thanks for nothing.

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