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Love Moderatley

Romeo and Juliet will not be able to love each other moderately. Especially Romeo. I know this for a fact because they are hormonal driven teens who won’t be able to set standards for themselves. It is good advice for the the pastor boy to give to the two young kids but they just aren’t going to manage to hold back. Honestly it is ridiculous that the pastor will even let them get married. Like I said before. Romeo and Juliet are not moderate people. The same day Romeo met Juliet he was already in love with some other random lady. He can change on the spot whenever he wants. It is incredibly hilarious. If they were to do this then they couldn’t see each other every day. Probably would have to make sure they set boundaries and don’t show up to each other houses too often. The whole situation is pretty much screwed over.

(This is like the poison that Friar Lawrence tends to sometimes.)

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  1. Emolynn

    wowza that poisen looks real dangerous

  2. Alexander

    I agree that the whole thing is ridiculous.

  3. Lane

    Your mom’s a hormonal driven teen.

  4. Lincoln

    I agree that they just can’t love moderately.

  5. Hunter

    I agree he should have not even let them get married they are way too young and just met they should not be able to be married.

  6. Amy

    Yeah, Romeo’s a dumb bum.

  7. Faith

    Sounds to me like you’re calling Romeo horny.

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