blog post #3

It’s about North Korea hackers trying to steal information on the covid-19 vaccine theres actually a special force for North Korea hackers for things like this, Russia is also doing the same thing. There targeting many countries to get a hold on this vaccine. This information was found on BBC news.

Hacking really shouldnt be necessary why cant we share information? Working together as all different countries isn’t so bad just for sharing information. Hacking is something no one should do and its also a invade of privacy. “Both countries are denying that they have been hacking” said in the article. There just making there situation worse and making more and more enemies by lying.

North Korea may be struggling with the virus but that shouldnt mean they should hack cant they ask for the information on the vaccine. Its affecting so much more troubles everywhere when there’s a pandemic happening.

Post #2 Background Information

  1. North Korea has a Population of 24.5 million. Most North Koreans live in in the south and west of the country, which is largely made up of lowlands.
  2. Pyongyang is the capital of North Korea about 2.87 million people live there and Hamhung is another capital in hamhung you can find all sorts of things like a grand theature and beach houses.
  3. The major language is Korean.
  4. The KINU has even estimated that poverty in North Korea extends to about half of North Korea’s population of 24 million. Farming in North Korea is concentrated in the flat lands of the four west coast provinces, where a longer growing season, level land, adequate rainfall, and good irrigated soil permit the most intensive cultivation of crops.
  5. Traditionally, religion in North Korea primarily consists of Buddhism and Confucianism
  6. People’s Republic of Korea, or DPRK, it was founded in 1948 when the United States and the Soviet Union divided control of the peninsula after World War II.
  7. Kim Jong-un is the third supreme leader in the Kim dynasty, founded by his grandfather Kim il-Sung, the country’s leader at the time of its establishment.

Post #1: Introduction

I chose North Korea Because I really enjoy North Korean Culture and I recently seen a lot of North Korean shows and I just really enjoy the culture. I expect to see amazing cultures and how it works around North Korea I wonder why North Korea is so different In so many ways from other countries. From the fashion and Beauty and the amazing history from there pasts I’m so curious of what happend.