Book Show and Tell 2

I read Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull, a new series that is a sequel to the Fablehaven books.  The fablehaven books were my favorites growing up, and I’m excited to see where the other books of this series take us.  The first book was exciting, but I didnt feel its had a terribly deep plot, however it did a great job of setting up the rest of the series.  I would recommend it to anyone who grew up reading the Fablehaven books, it is targeting a younger audience, but I feel like anyone who loved the Fabelhaven series would enjoy this first book of the sequel series.

Blog Post #8

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The mockingjay inspires people to be brave because it represents unity and people to get behind.  The districts have long been pitted against each other; economically as well as physically in the Hunger Games.  The mockingjay represents a group of people who are united against the Capitol, and that is something that these people desperately need.

Allowing people to be free is a constant struggle because of our own agency and differing moral values.  The problem is that we each want to do what is best for ourselves first, which skews our judgement when deciding group liberties.  What could be best for the group may be overlooked because, to the individual, it poses a threat.  People also need to understand that freedom is relative, certain freedoms should be restricted in order to protect more important ones.  People should have the freedom to do what they may, if they are able to refrain from infringing upon the freedoms and rights of others.

I feel like Katniss is very driven through her emotions for other people, and in order to keep her an active face of the rebellion, you have to continually remind and show her the people that she is fighting for.

Lit Circle #2

Quite honestly I didn’t like this book too much, but the soundtrack definitely gave me a better appreciation for it.  There were a lot of things that I liked about the book, but seemed sort of amateur-ish, and it felt like it was missing some sort of big moment.  I don’t really have a desire to read the sequel, so I feel like the ending could have been handled a bit better as well.

I thought that this book really connected with songs, and there was so many choices that I couldn’t include all that I thought of.  Some of my favorites were Jessie’s Girl, Never Gonna Give You Up, Danger Zone, and I definitely should have included the song Terror Time Again.  Scooby Doo is a childhood favorite of mine, (that I’ve never quite grown out of), and this book definitely had the sort of vibe that would fit really well with many Scooby Doo soundtracks.

The love triangle was also really easy to find songs for, since love, and heartbreak, are very prominent topics for music.

All The Pretties

I think that book covers are really important, not only do they help more people pick up the book, but they also influence the way you think throughout reading.  Books without covers aren’t necessarily bad, they allow the reader full control over what he or she imagines the book to be.  Keeping the cover nice is very important, the purpose of a book cover is to be aesthetic, and to build upon the book not against it.  However, I can’t stand reading with the dust jacket on, it strikes me as an inconvenience, but as long as I’m not reading, I like to have the dust jacket on.

Text on the cover isn’t terribly important in my opinion.  I like covers that show important moments from the story, the Leven Thumps are a great example for this.  Covers like this not only intrigue me and get me to pick up the book, but they also influence my thinking in a positive way, both during reading, and after reading the book.

The cover didn’t play much of a role in my lit circle choice, rather it was the premise of the story, the plot that made me interested.  I’ve really enjoyed my second lit circle book, it definitely upheld my expectations, and though I’ve enjoyed smaller groups, there is something about large group discussions that allows you to see so many more opinions, and that’s very interesting to me.

Literature Circle Presentation (This Savage Song – Background and Summary)

This Savage Song is set in a divided city, Verity.  Split along the seam, opposing rulers with distinct systems of rule struggle to protect those under their control.  Monsters; Malchai, Corsai, and Sunai, have become pieces in an ever changing game.

Harker, ruler over half of Verity or V-City, and in control of every Malchai and Corsai in the city.  He offers safety and protection for those on his half, for a price.

Flynn, ruler over the other half of Verity, allied with the three Sunai, one of which being August.

The book begins with Kate Harker, heir to half of Verity, returning to the city for the first time in years.  Moved from school to school, her acts of defiance have finally proved enough, and she is getting what she wants, to live with her father in V-City.

August, youngest of the 3 Sunai in V-City, now begins schooling across the Seam on the other half of the city.  August meets Kate, and they grow close, as they have been separated from the others, due to their own actions.

As Kate sees the signs, she is able to piece together August’s true identity, yet as she prepares to confront him, the plot takes a drastic turn as they are attacked by 2 rogue Malchai, whose attack was aimed at blaming a Sunai for several deaths at the school.

As Kate and August run, they begin to assemble an idea of a dastardly plot by Sloan, the right side Malchai of Harker.  Through their continued flight, August slips closer and closer to darkness, not having fed in days.

Finally captured, August is tortured by Sloan while Kate is tied up in another room.  Leo, another Sunai, saves August from impending death, yet reveals he was working with Sloan to take down V-City.  In a last ditch attempt to save Kate, August is forced to kill Leo, and they return to V-City.  Once there, they confront Kate’s father, who admits to having a role in Sloan’s plans for the city.  Forced to cleanse the city of her own father, Kate leaves as August feeds on Harker’s soul.

Following this victory, the two go their separate ways, and the book comes to an end.


Blog #6

The three pictures I chose are the Malchai attack on the school, August playing the violin, and August on the bleachers waiting for Kate.

August waited on the bleachers because he didn’t wanna go to study hall, this is where he really got to know Kate.

August plays the violin in the practice room, this is the first time he’s gotten to play and finish his song.  It is definitely a cool moment for him.

I represent a dead student in this last picture.  It represents the Malchai attack on the school, where they tried to frame August and the Sunai.






Blog Post #4

Brandon Sanderson is 42 years old and has three children.  He graduated from Brigham Young University, and was born in Lincoln Nebraska. He has a really large media presence, which is quite good as it raises popularity and spreads word about his books.

I looked up Brandon Mull, author of some of my favorite books and series including Beyonders, Fablehaven, and Dragonwatch.  He has a very professional website and also has a large media presence as well.  These most definitely spread word about his books, though he may not be as popular as Brandon Sanderson. He was inspired by C. S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and J.R.R. Tolkien. He currently lives in Alpine, Utah and graduated from BYU.


My Epic name is The Flaming Mane.  My hair is flames, similar to Hades from the Disney movie Hercules.  I can throw fire, and even use my hair as a flamethrower.  I also have super speed, cellular regeneration, and flight.  My weakness is Smooth Jazz music.


Blog post #3

I will be reading the red rising trilogy for my Book Series.  I have already read the first book, Red Rising, and it has become one of my favorite books.  It left off on an interesting cliffhanger so I would like to finish the series and find out what happens to Darrow. I have checked out the second book and will finish it within two weeks.  I will obtain a copy of the final book as soon as it becomes available.  I would like to finish this series as soon as possible.

Book Show and Tell

Chickens In The Headlights

Summary: This book focuses on the adventures of young Matthew Buckley.  One of Seven kids, seven rambunctious kids, Matthew tells stories of his families brief adventures with farm animals.  Told from a base of true stories, with some dramatization, Matthew and his brothers go on a road trip to their grandma’s house, several hours away, struggle with everyday chores, and eventually strive to take care of their family’s newly bought farm animals: two goats and a couple dozen chickens.  At the end of the summer, they sell the goats,kill the chickens, and are forced to return to school.

Review: Though this book seems a bit childish, the humor is great for all ages.  Any age, adult to child can relate to some of the experiences Matthew and his brothers have.  This book is contains some deep connections to the LDS faith, with references which may not be understood by non-LDS readers.  Altogether, this is a good book, and I flew through it, and its sequel in less than a week.  I would recommend this book to any family, its a great family-friendly read.