Monthly Archives: October 2018

How I Did During First Term.
I think I did pretty good in all of my classes, I was actually surprised  a little that I got an A in this class because I’m not that good at writing [...]
The Power Of Words
When authors create a mood they use there words differently. They add texture to what they are saying or how the character is feeling. They use specific [...]
What Kind Of Writer Am I
Writing several stories has taught me how to write in different ways and has taught me how to talk about things in a different way. I think my strengths [...]
The “Best” Book I’ve ever read
My favorite book that I have read is called Silence by Natasha Preston. It is about a girl named Oakley who can’t talk because something happened to [...]
How I Felt About The First Story
The short story I read was They’re made out of meat, I liked how the story talked about how humans are made out of meat and how they do things with [...]
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