Monthly Archives: November 2018

Gain 1%
Gain 1%: What would you improve by 1 percent? I would improve 1% by studying more. It would be different because I would be getting better grades. This [...]
Literature Review
Literature Review: This story is about  a girl in high school senior year, she lives with her grandma and her little sister Aleena. Her mother died in the [...]
Tell Me About It
What’s on my mind? Well I’ve been thinking about my Nephew and that I really want to see him. He is turning one in December and I’m [...]
What I’m Reading
The book i am currently reading is called  Sweet Hearts by Sara Zarr it is about a girl named Jennifer Harris who was an outcast during childhood days and [...]
Who Am I As A Reader
Who am i as a reader? I am a person that likes a lot of types of  genres like,romance,horror,action,fantasy, etc.. I like when the character gives us [...]
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