Love Moderately

May 15, 2019 - Blog Post

I think Friar Lawrence Is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet that they shouldn’t rush things or something could happen with their relationship. They might lose interest in each other and not want to be together anymore. I think it is good advice because they will learn what he was meaning since they are so young. I don’t think romeo and Juliet will take his advice because they think it is true love and that everything will be fine. They need to think about the future and see what will happen if they get married now since they are so young.

3 thoughts on “Love Moderately


I think you’re right, I had the same assumption about what would happen


I agree when you said they shouldn’t rush into things because yeah you might like them for a bit but then after a month you might think there boring and stuff like that, that’s why they should have became friends before getting married.


That’s true and makes sense.


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