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I’m A Big Kid Now!
I think I have grown since the beginning of the year because I got better at reading and understanding the text of books. I have read way more books this [...]
Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun;Secrets, Secrets Hurt Someone
I think people keep secrets because they are scared about what the person is going to think about them. They don’t want to be judged by others. [...]
Love Moderately
I think Friar Lawrence Is trying to tell Romeo and Juliet that they shouldn’t rush things or something could happen with their relationship. They [...]
I think people are capable of hating each other so deeply is because they could be jealous of the person or that person did something that you didn’t [...]
Should we keep teaching Shakespeare? I think we should still teach Shakespeare because you could learn some things from it. His stories can be challenging [...]
Everything I Know Or Think I Know About Shakespeare
I know that William Shakespeare wrote gory plays but than changed them a little to be less gory. I also know his writing style is different than what we [...]
What is good about being able to assess, or grade your own work? I think it is a good way to look over some mistakes you didn’t really see the first [...]
How I Will Dominate During Term 4
I am proud that I finished the term with an A and i am gonna try to keep that for term 4. I think I did well on staying on task on my assignments and going [...]
What Went Wrong With The Sub
Everyone was being loud and they weren’t doing there work, when they should’ve done there work.  I liked the sub and didn’t have a [...]
How I Feel About To Kill A Mocking Bird
In the beginning I didn’t really enjoy it and it was pretty boring but as I kept reading I actually understood it and enjoyed some of the parts of [...]
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