How I Survive Hard Things

Hard things happen all the time but what really helps you get threw these things. Well I’ve been in a hard situation when my Grandpa died a few days ago and yeah i feel bad today but what’s gotten me past that is spending time with my relatives and having a day to spend together as a family. Also we showed respect to him by everyone coming together and being with him. So if your in a bad place talk to someone or be with someone so that your not alone and do things you like to help you get through these rough times that you’ll be back up on your feet.

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On Not Being Seen

I think Conor wants to be seen because everyone just knows him as the kid with the mum that has cancer but i don’t think he wants that title he wants be seen as something else and wants people to talk to him for who he is. He is pushing away the people that do want to see him but i think the only reason why he is doing that is because those people already know what is happening in his life and are probably just trying to comfort him for what he is dealing with. I think it will make him feel better to be punished is because he doesn’t do anything and when he does something bad they just slide it off like it was nothing and he wants to see how it would feel to not be in that shell. It has to do his the monster and Conor’s mum because they are what is causing this confusion and devastating thing they can’t help it but be sad for Conor and they don’t even know the monster is even there. Being seen is important because you want people to know you are there. Tobe unseen you just have to be yourself and do something about it.

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Book Review #2.3

What I read:   Waiting by Calle J Brookes Genre: Young Adult Novel Pages:475, Rating:5/5

How it starts: It starts with the main character named Ana and she is in the FBI or something like that she goes on a lot of crimes and investigations. She meets a guy named Fin and they have a fling going on and her best friend Georgia knows what’s going on. They still need to do investigations and crimes but Hellbrook is the leader of it.

How it gets complicated: It gets complicated when Ana gets pregnant and Fin is the father but she doesn’t tell anyone and she still needs to be on patrol but then there ends up being a bomb crime and an assassination with women involved and children involved. In a part Ana is kidnapped and they have to find a way to get her to safety without killing her or the guy she is with. Know that everything is happening and Ana is pregnant she is getting scared with all this.(Trying so hard not to spoil it!)

What I liked: I really liked how Ana and Fin’s relationship worked and how the crimes where put. It swears a few times through out the book.

What i disliked: I didn’t like how they wouldn’t talk about the crimes that often and wouldn’t talk about the other relationships in the team.


I think the monster did the right thing to go on the Parson’s lack of belief because you can’t give up on everything and he gave up his beliefs really quickly and it say’s he didn’t really believe in things the much and didn’t even try.   I think it means to believe in something you enjoy and like doing not something that you do because everyone else is doing it. Also something that you like to be a part of and you don’t care what the others say just that you believe in what you want to. I think this has to do with his Mum,Dad and grandma because they are all part of his life and you can’t just give up on someone that quickly. You have to at least give them a chance i also think that they are like the story because of whats happening with Conor’s family they don’t really talk about how his mum might die they just think of something else to say.

Say Whats #2.16

Source: Waiting by Calle J Brookes

Word: Debacle(page  403)

Context: “The exact cause of the debacle will probably never be determined. ”

In their words: a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco. or a sudden and violent collapse

In my words: Something that happens really quickly and you can’t do anything.

Deep Thinker #2.8

Source: Waiting by Calle J Brookes

page  407 Quote: “So go and see what you can do see if you can keep Fin calm. we have to find her, Mal we have to. Georgia tried not to think of how frightened her friend had to be. he has her in the elevator  she’s terrified of elevators.what is this going to do to her and knowing the baby is in danger.”

Context: A bad guy has stolen Ana and they don’t know what they are going to do because they are in an elevator and they can’t do anything if her and the baby are in there with the criminal. Now they have to find a way to get her out of there without hurting them.

Made me think: It made me think that when things go bad you can do something to keep you calm and you don’t have to do things that mean harm and you have to be brave in tough situations.

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Say Whats #2.15

Source: Waiting by Calle J Brookes

Word: Meticulous(page  403)

Context: “And why had he just walkind in. ready to confess? That didn’t make any sense. I am a meticulous researcher.”

In their words: showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise. (diligent, scrupulous…)

In my words: Someone that takes time and is careful.

Deep Thinker #2.7

Source: Waiting by Calle J Brookes

page  395 Quote: “she needed to figure out how she was going to deal with time, now that she’d hopefully figured out how to deal with nausea. one thing at a time. she patted her stomach again a habit she was definitely developing. you first and than you mommy and daddy. and a huge house with a backyard that can be perfect for a tree house how long she wanted that exact thing.”

Context: Ana is pregnant and she was thinking own what they are going to do with the baby and how they are going to take care of it, but she doesn’t know what she is doing or what they are going to do. They already got a house and she wants everything to be perfect except she needs to fix things with Fin so that they will be alright with the new member joining.

Made me think: It made me think that you can’t really plan something well even though you would expect it and that is what is happening in the story and i love whats going on with the baby.

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Say What #2.14

Source: Waiting by Calle J Brookes

Word: Prevalent(page  374)

Context: “And for a man like Fin, good, honorable, loyal and faithful, that incentive would be only one thing.”

In their words: a thing that motivates or encourages one to do something.”there is no incentive for customers to conserve water”

In my words: a motivation or an encouragement.

Deep Thinker #2.6

Source: Waiting by Calle J Brookes

page  380 Quote: “We were lucky, but we both nearly died. Fin lost his arm. Ana wrapped her fingers around his and Fin looked at her, surprised she’d show so obvious a sign of their connection. I was in the hospital for over a week. I’d had some respiratory damage that led to complications.”

Context: They are in the break room and they are working on the crime but they are dealing with something big and they are talking about what happened but i don’t think it is real it does not seem like Fin had lost his arm or that Hellbrook had some respiratory damage. But i really don’t know.

Made me think: It made me think Fin probably has a fake arm or something like that and i don’t know how Hellbrook is still alive. As well as how Anna stayed alive without dying in that elevator when it exploded.