term 4 book

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I chose the book I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have to kill you by Ally Carter because it looked like a good book, and I had never read a book like that before.

  The reading level is for teens. I looked it up on amazon. The main character is 15 so it’s probably for people 14 and up.

It’s a New York times bestselling series and the book has a lot of good reviews. The book was optioned for a film but the optioned expired. It’s well known in Utah.


self evaluation

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I got 1232 on the reading index test. I feel that I’m good at reading and that I can read harder and longer books. The test wasn’t too hard. Sometimes I had no idea what the answer was and some of them were tricky but it was kinda easy. My score wasn’t awesome, but it was proficient and that was ok with me.

I liked the book I chose for the book report because it was easy and fun to read and I also really like fantasy. For the book report I liked bringing the objects. I kinda wish I didn’t do everything at the last minute. I procrastinated a little bit and I forgot about a couple things, like how I was supposed to put a different picture than the one on the book on the bag.

For term four I’m planning on reading I’d tell you I love you but then I’d have kill you. (I know, the tidal is really long.) I made this choice a bit before the term ended. It didn’t really have to do with anything on the book report.


Personal quest

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A time when I was at peace and everything was “right with the world was probably when I was 4 years old.  At that time I had no idea there were such big problems going on in the world, and now at 13 years old there are bigger problems. Yeah, sure I knew things happened, like people died and and people stole stuff and things like that. But I didn’t have any stress, I was carefree, and as I grew older, probably 4th grade I realized what was really going on in the world. By six 6th and 7th grade I was well aware of the horrible things going on in the world, and even though I’m still happy, now I think of ways I can help with those problems when I am older and hopefully make a change.

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One of the times I felt I needed to make a change in my life was a not too long ago. For a while I had been wanting to just do a bit more in my life. I thought I didn’t really do much, I had no talents, and I worried what other people thought about me. I then realized that I just had to be myself and find out what I was good at and what I like to do  instead of just be sad about it. And I didn’t need to care what other people thought about me. Image result for silhouette of someone jumping

Call to Adventure

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Every day I wake up, get ready, eat breakfast and go to school. When I get back I do homework and eat dinner then I go to bed and that’s it. Sometimes I do other things like piano and other stuff, but not much. And cry sometimes.

Here’s the thing. My life, is super boring. If you read a book about my life you would fall asleep withing the first chapter. I’ve always dreamed about my life being more interesting, or fun or exciting. I know I won’t find out I’m a wizard and go to Hogwarts or fall down a rabbit hole and go to Wonderland, because that’s not possible (though that would be awesome!) But I’ve felt like there is “something more” and I want a purpose for life. It always seemed like other people had an ideal life, and I always thought, why couldn’t that be me. I decided that I need to make a change in my life by trying more things, reaching out to make more friends and just live and love life while I can.

The refusal of the call was me. I thought, what if I can’t just do this? What if I’m just not good enough, too shy? Am I up to it?

My mom was my mentor through all this. She gives me support, she guides me, she helps me and she gives me advice. Some might think that’s lame, but I don’t care.

Reader response

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I like the Me poem the best. I like how it says how it will always be just themselves and nobody else. It’s like me because I need to remind myself lots of times that I should just be myself and nobody else, and sometimes I do. I always should be just myself, and I think other people just just be themselves too. It doesn’t really have too much in common with my theme song, but they’re not completely different.  I chose this picture because I love nature and seasons. Even winter isn’t my favorite season (fall is) I really like it and I think it’s a really nice time in the year.

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End of term

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This term, when I read A Mango Shaped Space, I thought it was a good book, but it wasn’t my favorite. However, I did really like some parts of the book. It took me about 3 days to finish my book. I didn’t really fell rushed at all when I read my book, and there was still a lot of time. Next quarter, I would probably spend a little more time thinking about what book I choose (I picked it out last minute.)

The blog posts were nice because everything was saved and I could also get to them at home when I needed to finish a blog post. Sometimes it was hard when we had put the link in google classroom. I don’t really wish anything was different. I was fine with blog posts.

What like about the book reports is that we got to choose what book we wanted to choose. But I kinda wish we didn’t have to share them with everyone else. If I would have to do it again, I would probably choose a different book project. I don’t really like the one I chose. If I could start the term over I would probably choose a different book for the book report. I would still read it, but I wouldn’t do the book report on it. I would also fix the big mistakes I made in school.


Symbols and Theme

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An important “object” in a Mango Shaped Space are the friendship bracelets that Mia and her best friend Jenna wear. In the book the friendship bracelets were given to them by Jenna’s late mom, and they never take them off.  Through the book, Mia becomes caught up in her synesthesia and they start to fall apart. But, in the end they become close again and get new friendship bracelets that are metal instead of leather and will last longer. Theses symbolize friendship and going through obstacles in life, which is a big symbol in the book.

The front cover of the book is an orange silhouette of Mia’s beloved cat Mango sitting on her bed, hence the title “A Mango Shaped Space.” Towards the end of the book, Mango isn’t on her bed and all she sees is a Mango shaped space. A little after Mango dies because he’s sick. Mia’s really sad, and she sees that Mango silhouette for a little while. Mango is very important to Mia, and she felt he was special because she believed that some of her grandpa’s soul is in Mango. They were marketing the book to boys and girls because the front cover isn’t very boyish or very girlish.

In the book, numbers, and letters and sounds all have a color for Mia which leads to the theme, identity. In the book, Mia discovers herself, dealing with finding out she’s a synesthete and finding herself. In the end, when Mango dies, Mia loses her colors but they return, and in the end, she knows who she is. That’s the theme of the book.


Plot structure

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The plot structure in a A Mango Shaped Space is discovery because at the beginning at the book when Mia, the protagonist, is in third grade doing math problems in school, she uses colored chalk for the numbers instead of regular white because for her, everything has a color. However, she thinks everyone else is the same. When her teacher questions what she is doing she tries to explain but no one understands her and laughs at her. Here, Mia discovers that she is different from everyone else. Later, she discovers that she has synesthesia, a rare condition, which is senses coming together, and Mia discovers why words and sounds have a color for her. Throughout the book Mia goes on a journey of self discovery, which is why is the main plot structure in the book.

Another plot structure is a little bit of rivalry, because when Mia spends more time exploring her synesthesia and emailing another boy who has it than spending time with her best friend Jenna, who gets annoyed and the girls start to grow apart.

The last plot structure is maturity, because in the end her beloved cat Mango dies, and Mia blames herself for being too busy with her condition, and her parents keep explaining to her it wasn’t her fault. She finally accepts that Mango was sick and she couldn’t do anything,but still feels sad. However Jenna is there for her, and Mia realizes that she’s a true friend and they’re close again.

The main conflict is man vs death, when Mango dies and Mia is heartbroken. However, Mia finally accepts Mango’s death, and her family and friends are there for her.

The incidents are Mia and Jenna growing apart, Mia finding who she is and Mango’s death. In the end of the book, Mia learns that Mango had kittens at the neighbors house. The youngest kitten’s meow’s are mustard colored to Mia, and her brother Zack wants to adopt it but Mia doesn’t want to replace Mango. She later has a dream that makes her decide to get the kitten.


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Major/Main: An important character in the plot. It contributes to the events taking place in the story in a big way. The main character isn’t always the protagonist, because in almost all novels there can be more than one major character.

Minor: A character that’s still supportive but the story could go on without them

Static/Flat: A static character is a character who doesn’t change personality, character or perspective from the beginning of the story to the end and stay the same throughout the novel.

Dynamic/Round: A character that changes in the novel. They can have major changes, and some of the changes can be through personality, maturity, change of heart, becoming better or taking a wrong turn.

Protagonist: The protagonist is the central character and is faced with the conflicts that they have to fix. The main action of the story resolves around the protagonist.

Antagonist: A character or group of characters that stands in the way of the protagonist and don’t want change Characters who are antagonists aren’t always evil.

Nemesis: An undefeatable kind of evil like death or cancer.

Sidekicks: A close friend or companion that helps the character.

The main characters on A Mango Shaped Space are Mia, the protagonist, Jenna, her best friend and sidekick, her brother Zach, and Mango the Magnificat, Mia’s cat who holds a special place in her heart. The main sidekick is Jenna, her best friend. The major characters are Mia, and Mango. The antagonists (if you could even call them that) are Mia’s parents at first because they stand in the way a little bit at first but then they change. The nemesis in the book is death because Mango dies and Mia can’t change that.



Declaring my book

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The title of my book is called A Mango Shaped Space. I chose this book because I knew I had to choose a new book for english, and though I love to read, it’s kinda hard for me to choose new books. I had seen this book before, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to read it. Today I decided I wanted to give it a chance. I read what the book was about, and it sounded interesting. That’s what attracted me. I got this book at the library in PGJH.

The author’s name is Wendy Mass.   She is the bestselling author of 18 novels, including A Mango Shaped Space, (which is her most successful book) 11 Birthdays, Every Soul a Star, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, and more. She was born April 22, 1965, and lives in New Jersey with her family. Her hobbies are collecting candy bar wrappers and searching for buried treasure with her metal detector. The kind of books she writes are for young readers like tweens and teenagers.

It was written in 2003 and I have the first edition. Because the book was written in 2003,the difference is mostly the technology, like how they didn’t have more advanced technology as we do in 2017.

Other people who have read a Mango Shaped Space have also look at Every Soul a Star, Fish in a Tree, The CandyMakers, and Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. The genre is realistic fiction. What I like about the book and others like it is that sometimes I can relate to the characters in some ways.

The intended audience is for grades 5-8 on Amazon

The book has 220 pages.


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