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Dear mom and dad, during the 20 minutes of in-class reading time, I read A Mango Shaped Space (I finished it so now I’m reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon). ¬†Out of those 20 minutes, I read 70% of the time. In English class, I read whenever there is reading or free time. If I’m going to do my book report on The Girl Who Drank the Moon, then I still have 200 or something pages left.

During class I’m helpful to those around me, like when someone by me needs help with something I help them, and I’m never a distraction to them, but I do get distracted easily. I’m not usually too shy to ask for help because I do it a lot, and I’m on task.

My grades are good right now but some need to be fixed, like for orchestra I don’t have a good grade so I need to do something on google classroom to fix my it, and on math I need to catch up a little bit, but other than that my other grades are good.

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