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Major/Main: An important character in the plot. It contributes to the events taking place in the story in a big way. The main character isn’t always the protagonist, because in almost all novels there can be more than one major character.

Minor: A character that’s still supportive but the story could go on without them

Static/Flat: A static character is a character who doesn’t change personality, character or perspective from the beginning of the story to the end and stay the same throughout the novel.

Dynamic/Round: A character that changes in the novel. They can have major changes, and some of the changes can be through personality, maturity, change of heart, becoming better or taking a wrong turn.

Protagonist: The protagonist is the central character and is faced with the conflicts that they have to fix. The main action of the story resolves around the protagonist.

Antagonist: A character or group of characters that stands in the way of the protagonist and don’t want change Characters who are antagonists aren’t always evil.

Nemesis: An undefeatable kind of evil like death or cancer.

Sidekicks: A close friend or companion that helps the character.

The main characters on A Mango Shaped Space are Mia, the protagonist, Jenna, her best friend and sidekick, her brother Zach, and Mango the Magnificat, Mia’s cat who holds a special place in her heart. The main sidekick is Jenna, her best friend. The major characters are Mia, and Mango. The antagonists (if you could even call them that) are Mia’s parents at first because they stand in the way a little bit at first but then they change. The nemesis in the book is death because Mango dies and Mia can’t change that.



Declaring my book

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The title of my book is called A Mango Shaped Space. I chose this book because I knew I had to choose a new book for english, and though I love to read, it’s kinda hard for me to choose new books. I had seen this book before, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to read it. Today I decided I wanted to give it a chance. I read what the book was about, and it sounded interesting. That’s what attracted me. I got this book at the library in PGJH.

The author’s name is Wendy Mass.   She is the bestselling author of 18 novels, including A Mango Shaped Space, (which is her most successful book) 11 Birthdays, Every Soul a Star, Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, and more. She was born April 22, 1965, and lives in New Jersey with her family. Her hobbies are collecting candy bar wrappers and searching for buried treasure with her metal detector. The kind of books she writes are for young readers like tweens and teenagers.

It was written in 2003 and I have the first edition. Because the book was written in 2003,the difference is mostly the technology, like how they didn’t have more advanced technology as we do in 2017.

Other people who have read a Mango Shaped Space have also look at Every Soul a Star, Fish in a Tree, The CandyMakers, and Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. The genre is realistic fiction. What I like about the book and others like it is that sometimes I can relate to the characters in some ways.

The intended audience is for grades 5-8 on Amazon

The book has 220 pages.



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The setting in my book, A Mango Shaped Space, is set in 2003. A time where it’s still the present, but where they had flip phones and stuff and not advanced technology like we have in 2017.

The time of year in the beginning of the book is the ending of summer, then the characters start school. After school it goes though September, to October to Thanksgiving. It goes a little in December and then the book ends.

The characters live  place where it’s very hot and there’s a forest. (It doesn’t mention much about the climate)

The main character of the book has Synesthesia, a condition where everything has a color for her, so the atmosphere is colorful, strange, summery and has school a lot in it.

Parent Teacher Conference

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Dear mom and dad, during the 20 minutes of in-class reading time, I read A Mango Shaped Space (I finished it so now I’m reading The Girl Who Drank the Moon).  Out of those 20 minutes, I read 70% of the time. In English class, I read whenever there is reading or free time. If I’m going to do my book report on The Girl Who Drank the Moon, then I still have 200 or something pages left.

During class I’m helpful to those around me, like when someone by me needs help with something I help them, and I’m never a distraction to them, but I do get distracted easily. I’m not usually too shy to ask for help because I do it a lot, and I’m on task.

My grades are good right now but some need to be fixed, like for orchestra I don’t have a good grade so I need to do something on google classroom to fix my it, and on math I need to catch up a little bit, but other than that my other grades are good.

My favorite book

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I don’t usually like those futuristic, dystopian kind of books. But I love these books because they’re so fun to read, it has really good characters, and it’s almost impossible to put down. While these books are dystopian type, they’re not as dark or horrible, like the hunger games books or other books like that. I love books so I have a lot of favorites, but this is one of them, because it’s so captivating. All together, it has 1760 pages.  The genre of the books are romance and science fiction (because it takes place in the future). Probably girls 12 and older would like it. I don’t even usually like romance books, but I love these ones.

Hello world!

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