how I think I look


how I really look

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my wifi is horrible right now nothing will load its horrible 😠😠😠😠😠😠

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Picture conversation

get out of my fairy tale Elsa Sorry

*few* I’m not a frog anymore        and my moms not a bear anymore you guys are here to? I suppose Anna is here. that hurt what?!   where all here to how nice to bad repunsel’s not here oh and Ariel how?


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I like books because they take me to a different world maybe with dragons. maybe with a donkey who lives in the grand canyon. when I read its like i’m in a whole other world I can see the characters do the things the book tells them to do. I have whats called a latency period and books help with that.

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Being the youngest is hard

I am the youngest of five and I hate it. First of all, you get picked on all the time. For example, you get filmed when you don’t want to get filmed.

You also get squeezed hard and it’s so annoying. Everyone thinks you are useless. Like one time I was trying to help and my sister said ” you’re useless” .  


Another example is everyone thinks you’re annoying, you also get treated like a baby. You get called a cry baby and your “too little”to do anything fun. Also no one likes you. An example of me getting called a cry baby, once I was crying because I got hurt real bad and one of my sisters said “you’re such a cry baby shut up.” 


Some people ask me if it is hard being the youngest? And I always find myself saying yes. It’s very hard. Because, well I just told you It’s hard. Try being the youngest for a couple of days. It starts out good but then it gets really hard.   



It’s also pretty nice but that’s a whole other essay.

What’s your opinion if you were the youngest?




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when my mom tells my to wake up

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The Snow Bird

I see a snow bird. In her nest. Her knew and young beautiful feathers move slowly up and down as she breaths. the snow bird is asleep. Almost perfect it seems. She wakes up and starts to play in the falling snow. I hold out my hand to her. She seems happy as I hold out my sunflower seed covered hand. She lands on it and picks up the sunflower seeds with her beak. She goes back to her nest. She falls back asleep. Snow falls on her back as the beautiful feathers move up and down, never stopping.. always moving up and down she is laying down the falling snow seems to replace her back completely.     

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