Blind Spots

We all have are own blind spots, whether we think that we aren’t pretty enough, good enough, talented enough or smart enough. What I think Atticus is trying to explain to Jem and Scout is that the people who wanted to kill Tom Robinson where good people, they just had something blocking their view of what’s right and what’s wrong. At some point in time we will all have something blocking are view of what’s right and what wrong, we will all have something blocking are belief window. We are all going to need someone to explain to us what we have done wrong and how to fix them, we are all perfectly imperfect. We might have something blocking the bigger picture.

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One thought on “Blind Spots

  1. That’s enabling to say that it’s not their fault and, everybody has their blind spots. Those people went there to kill, that’s not just a blind spot, that’s bad intentions.

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