Book Review 1.1 The Fault In Our Stars

What I read:  The Fault In Our Stars, John Green, Young Adult Fiction, 313, 4/5

How it starts: The main character is Hazel Grace, and the thing she wants the most out of anything in the would is would be that she would be able to meet the author of An Imperial Affliction.  Hazel’s mom thinks that Hazel is depressed and send her to this group thing that is for people who have been diagnosed with some sort of cancer. At this group she meet a boy by the name of Augustus Waters, that she will start to really like.

How it get complicated: Hazel show August the book An Imperial Affliction, Gus goes home and reads it. He now also want to meat the author Peter Van Houten. Gus still has his wish from the “Genies” he wishes that he and Hazel can go meet Peter, so Hazel has to go to the doctor to make sure that she is healthy enough to fly on the plane, she is. They go.

What I liked: I love the whole book. Just everything about the book. I loved how detailed the author was with what kind of cancer Hazel  and Augustus had, what the whole process was like when she had to go the doctor. How her parents felt. How she felt how Gus felt, and how his parents felt.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to people who like romance book. I would also recommend it to more of the high school age of teens.

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