Book Review of A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is about this boy named Coner O’Mally, and his truths. Coners mom has also been diagnosed with cancer. Coner is this the main the┬áprotagonist because he has a truth that he need to tell had he won’t so the monster has to go on this super long journey to help Coner tell his truth. I think that the big idea in this book it to tell your truths even though you are scared of what might come out of them. One issue that the author wants the readers to get through I think would be, being able to say your truths and also not being afraid of the outcome. One thing I thought the author did well was they way the lead up to important events, one scene that I like the most was the one where Harry told Coner that he could no loner see him. I really like this because I felt like I couldn’t put the book down, or I would be missing out. I felt like the ending could have been a little bit better, like explaining who Coner and his grandma felt after Coner’s mom died. I think that a lot if teenage reader connect with this book a lot because Coner is around our age and we all have hard things going on in our life, we also all have our own truths, and I think that this is an important book because it touches on things that all kids go through in life.

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  1. I really liked how the author lead up to all the big events as well. Good thought. I think this was a very well written post.

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