What would it be like?

I think that it would be really hard for her, she has to leave her mom who is now going to be all alone. Leisel, she was going to have her brother be with her when they where going in to foster care and then her brother died. I would honestly cry for the longest time, if I had to move away from my mom and dad then I would a least want someone I know to be there with me, Leisel didn’t have that. She had to move away from her family and all her things, and then she had to move in with a family that she didn’t know. I this happened to me, losing everything I have at such a young age I think that I would just always want to be alone and hide out in my room not talk to anyone and just stay in my house for every.

What I look for in a Good Character

Well for me I have to find a book that I think that i’ll like, and then I have to read a part of the book. After that is all done then we can move on to what I look for in a good character. Is hard for me to really find the type of character I like because a lot of them are the same. I mostly read historical fiction, and I think the reason why is it so hard for me to find what I look for in a good character is because if it is a historical book then I’ll read it from cover to cover. I don’t really have something that I look for in a character, but if I where to have to choose I’d probably say, someone with a lot of respect and someone who is willing to do hard thing even when they have no choice, and helping others do there part after they have just finished their’s and all they want to do is go home and finish all the other things that they have to do.

Word Nerd 2.1 – Davai

Source- The book is Between shades of gray, by Ruta Sepetys, and the page that I found the word on is pg 47

Context- “Davai! The voice yelled.”

In Their Words- davai actually means give, davai suda means give here. But, davai is also a way of saying hurry up, although it is a bit ruder than saying hurry up the normal way.

In My Words- The word Davai me to hurry up, but in a lot meaner of a way. I think that they used it in this book to give the police officers a hard time.

In Pictures-

Book Review of A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls is about this boy named Coner O’Mally, and his truths. Coners mom has also been diagnosed with cancer. Coner is this the main the protagonist because he has a truth that he need to tell had he won’t so the monster has to go on this super long journey to help Coner tell his truth. I think that the big idea in this book it to tell your truths even though you are scared of what might come out of them. One issue that the author wants the readers to get through I think would be, being able to say your truths and also not being afraid of the outcome. One thing I thought the author did well was they way the lead up to important events, one scene that I like the most was the one where Harry told Coner that he could no loner see him. I really like this because I felt like I couldn’t put the book down, or I would be missing out. I felt like the ending could have been a little bit better, like explaining who Coner and his grandma felt after Coner’s mom died. I think that a lot if teenage reader connect with this book a lot because Coner is around our age and we all have hard things going on in our life, we also all have our own truths, and I think that this is an important book because it touches on things that all kids go through in life.

How I Feel About to Kill a Mokingbird

This book was a pretty good book, but I don’t think I would have pick out this book on my own. I didn’t think that I was going to enjoy the book. As we started to read the book as a class and on our own I found my self liking the book less and less because I don’t really like to read books that are assigned and I found it harder and harder to kept up with the class. Then Mr Green said the he was going to show the trail again and I went home that night and I read the whole book, I really like the book. The author has a way of connecting you to the characters in the book, and by the time I finished the book I love it. I thought it was interesting how the book and the movie where so much alike, but at the same time so different.


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Good stuff from to kill a Mockingbird

Atticus always said ” It’s not time to worry yet,” and I think that, that’s super important. He’s not saying that we should procrastinate every thing and then worry about it at the last second, which I think that a lot of people in Jr. High and High School do. I think that what Atticus is trying to say is that even though what we are working on is very important we should take the small steps that is takes to find and learn all the important things that are right in front of us. I think everyone starts to worry about all these things that we don’t need to be worrying about yet, and all Atticus is saying is ” It’s not time to worry yet,”

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Deep Thinker 1.4

Source: Between Shades of Gray, Ruta Sepetys. pg; 12

Quote: I shut the bathroom door and caught sight of my face in the mirror. I had no idea how quickly it was to change, to fade, I would have stared at my reflection, memorizing it. It was the last time I would look into a real mirror for more than a decade. 

Context: At this point in the book the police have come back to arrest them and Lina is trying to distract the police from her mom coat ( because her mom had been sewing very important things into them) and says the she has to go to the bathroom.

This makes me think: The reason why I choose this passage was because recently in my life I had someone in my family die, and so if I never saw a picture of her again my memory what she looked like would be every faint. Lina’s not going to see herself for a whole ten years, and that’s a long time to go without seeing yourself so I feel like her memory what what she looked like is so very faint that when she does get the chance to see her self again she is going to wonder what she looked like along the way of her life. When I put myself in her shoes and know that if  I was her I wasn’t going to see myself for ten years I start to begin wondering what I would do. Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is I go into my bathroom and see what I look like and what I’m going to do with my hair, but I find it so hard to think that someone missed the chance to look at what they looked like for ten years.

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A lot of times when we read a story there is always a parent around, but for this particular story we are talking about dads. Are dads unfairly portrayed?  Why do you think they are often portrayed the way they are? I think that in some stories dads can be unfairly portrayed, because some times the stories are one sided and we only get the opinion of one person. I think that they are often portrayed the way they are to show that they can be mean and not a great parent, and other times there is just the one sided story. So back to my first question are dads unfairly portrayed? They are in some stories and are not in others. Conors dad did leave him and moved to America to be with another girl and start a new family, but he came back to visit. He came back to visit so long that Conor kinda forgot about him and thought that his life was fine without him. So yes dad can be unfairly portrayed and some times they aren’t portrayed enough.

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Deep Thinker- 1.3

Source: Between Shades of Gray, Ruta Sepetys, pg; 9

Quote: You stand for whats right, Lina, without the expectation of gratitude or reward.

Context:  At this point in the book Lina is having a flash back to before the secret Soviet Police barged into there home and was arresting them. Lina is flash backing to a time when she went a got bread for her mom, and the baker told her that she didn’t need to pay for the bread, that her dad had done so much for there family.

This Makes Me Think: The reason why I choose this quote was because a lot of the time we think that if we do something nice for someone else than that person has to do something nice for us. We always expect gratitude or a reward for helping them, we took time to help them so they now need to take some time out of there life to do something to pay them back or give them gratitude. I think that so many people want others to pay them back after we have done something go for one another. I think that this quote is very important because I think every one should be kind and all be like Lina’s dad and all have the same mind set that “You stand for whats right, without the expectation of gratitude or reward.

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Deep Thinker 1.2

Source: Between Shades of Gray, Ruta Sepetys, pg 8

Quote: “Jonas ran into my room. He was dressed for school in his uniform and little tie, holding his book bag. His blond hair was combed neatly over to the side. “I’m ready, Mother,” he said, his voice trembling.

Context: Late at night there was a knock at the door, and this families life would be changed forever. The secret Soviet police where arresting Lina, her mother, and her younger brother Jonas, tearing their family apart.

This makes me think: I choose this passage because I think we would all have had the same reaction as Jonas did if we where his age, I think we could even have the same reaction as him even at the age we are at now. I felt really sad of not only Jonas and his family but for the other people who were also being arrested and not knowing what they did wrong to be arrested.  I also wonder just by adding ” his voice trembling.” how the author can make you feel certain ways by reading a text like that. I like this because the author wants you to feel something, and she did by adding how that characters felt in the story.


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