I’m a big kid now!

I think that I did a lot better toward the end of the year, with turning in things on time and getting better grades. I set a goal with my self to get better grades, and my grade last term was a B and this term was and A-. Its not like it was a huge change but I’m still happy that I got an A-. I think that if i didn’t set those goals for myself then I don’t think that I would have had an A-.

Secret secrets are not fun, Secrets secrets hurt someone.

In Romeo and Juliet we are about to get to that tragic part of the book, but in class we had talked about why people keep secrets. Why do people do this? Why are we so reluctant to talk to other people about our problems? How can talking to others about our problems help? Mr. Green had asked us these questions, he also told us that this year alone in the Alpine School District there has been a total amount of eight suicides. So why are kids so reluctant to talk to other people, are they afraid that people are going to make fun of them, or judge them for feeling that way. I think that Juliet was afraid of what her parents reaction was going to be that she just didn’t tell them, and than when she had already gotten married her dad had promised her marriage to someone else and when she told them they go mad. I think that it is just better to tell people what is going on with them. Just tell people how you are feeling, it doesn’t really need to be your mom or dad, but just someone who you can trust.

love Moderately

When Friar Lawrence tells Romeo and Juliet to love moderately, I think that he is saying that they should get to know each other and love each other for who they are and not just because they think that they are attractive. That they should spend more time with each other. I am 14, and in my class we talked about how Juliet is like 13 or 14, so I’m around the same age as Juliet is but to think that if I lived back then that I could be getting married at the age I am now. Like hold on girl, you don’t need to get married that early.

Book Review 2.1

What I read: I read the book called Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys, and there are 338 pages in this book, so it’s a pretty fast read.

How it starts: There are a few main characters but the one that is kind of  telling the story is Lina Vilkas, she love to draw or paint and she based on what I could tell from the story she is really good at it. All Lina wants is to go home and find her dad. There are a lot of different settings but if I had to choose on it would be there “home” in Berlarus, I don’t really know how to describe her house, but all I can say that it isn’t much of a home, her mom, brother and her where all forced to live in this its more of a hut type thing with this old cranky woman.

How it get complicated: It gets complicated by when she is taken from her house and separated from her dad, and when they where taken to the Hut like place. That’s all I’m going to say because I think that if I share more it will be spoiled.

What I liked: So I actually found this book through another friend that was reading it and I read just the first page of it and I was hook. I loved EVERYTHING about this book. I thing that the author goes into so much detail with out making it gory and gross.

What I disliked about it: Honestly I didn’t hate any part of it when I say I loved it I meant I loved it. I loved it so much that I read it a second time and I NEVER read book two times.

Recommendation: I would recommend it to anyone who likes more historical books , but also more of an older reader, because I think that somethings said in the book are just meant for older readers.


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Why do we get so worked up over one little thing that happens to us or someone we know? Why do we hold grudges over the littlest of things? We have all hated someone, and I’m sure someone has hated us all. When I think of the people I hate, I see a long list of all the people who annoy me. I don’t think I really hate anyone I just get easily annoyed. I don’t understand why someone could hate another person, like I have never really understand it. I know that I say I hate a lot of people but when I really look at that list I don’t hate any of them, they just all can be really annoying. Now if we went around hating everyone than the word I hate you would switch with the words I love you.

You’ve got a friend in Rudy

You want my honest opinion I think that Rudy is just trying to show off the Liesel but he is trying to do it in his own sly way.  I think that he just has the biggest crush on Liesel words just can’t even describe how much he likes her, so all of his action are his sly guy moves to get the girl to notice him. But in all reality I really do like Rudy, I think that it is nice of him to be so kind to Liesel, to be her friend when she first move in with the Hubermans. He is a really great friend and is so nice to Liesel.

Deep Thinker 2.3

Source: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, pg 28

Quote: They will not be inspected by anyone.

Context: They are at the dock and they are unloading things but one of the “dock” people said that they had to inspect everything that was coming in, but Miss Lockton didn’t want them going through her trunk

This makes me think: The first thing that came to me when I read this was, Miss Lockton didn’t want people going through her personal things. Then I thought about Isabel and Ruth, they thought that they where going to be free based on what they had read in there first ownervs will, and they they lawyer that wrote it disappeared and the owners nephew went out and sold them to the Locktons. When I read ” They will not be inspected by anyone.” The first thing that the Locktons did when they met Isabel and Ruth was inspect them and look at what they would be good at, they couldn’t really inspect they things cause they didn’t have much but I’m sure that in the future they will.



Word Nerd 2.6 – wharf

Source: Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson on pg 28

Context: but them fellas say all cargo has to be inspected at the wharf  before it enters the city.

In their words: a structure built along or at an angle from the shore of navigable waters so that ships may lie alongside to receive and discharge cargo and passengers

In my words: Its just like a dock.

In picture:

Deep Thinker 2.2

Source: Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson, pg 27

Quote: “Some of the working folk were black. In truth, I had never seen so many of us in one place, not even at burials.”

Context: The main character and her little sister were sold, and they and to move to New York. They just made it there and they are leaving back the there “owners” home.

This makes me think: Well the first time I read this I didn’t really think anything of it, but I know that it was something that was important. As I thought about who this made me feel a little bit more I thought of what I would be feeling if my sister and I had just been sold and we traveled all they way to New York on the bottom of a boat and we just came up from the bottom and we see the most amount of black people we have ever seen in pretty much our whole life, honestly I would feel even more out of place that I did before. I wouldn’t be used to see so many people that are like me and my sister. ( and I’m putting my self into the characters shoes for a quick sec.)  I also think that I would get my hopes up just a little bit, and I would maybe think that I would be able to go live with people who look more like I do.