Blog #2: Background information

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The population of Singapore is 5,841,373. The place where most people are living in Singapore, is Bedok. Singapore city is the capital of Singapore. There are 5.639 million people who live there. Another major city of the country is the west region. The west region is where the majority of Singapore’s big industries are. Including companies with chemicals, gas, and oil. Malay is the national language of Singapore but english is the main language there. 10-14% of people deal with poverty. Energy is about 60%. Chinese buddhism is the main religion in Singapore, but christianity has been getting a bit more popular there lately. Vesak day is an important event in Singapore. It is the full moon day of the fourth lunar month.



Blog #1 : Introduction

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I selected the country Singapore

I chose Singapore because it’s a super cool country with really cool buildings and it’s super beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go there. I want to learn if there any cool hikes there or forests and secret pretty local spots


Hello world!

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