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To Kill A Mockingbird Review


I though t that the book was fantastic! I really enjoyed it and the message it sent. The book on a whole is how Jem broke is arm. It goes into detail about living in the south and is a classic that reminds us what it is like to be a kid. The plot gets complicated with political and social views. They have some controversy about having a black mans word over a whites. I feel like it was a real eye opener and it allowed me to view things from a different perspective. Honestly, I think it is a great book and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone.


I think that the movie was good on its own, but compared to the book I didn’t like it as much. I felt like it didn’t touch on some of the key points that the book did. I felt like the end happened kind of fast and it didn’t really give enough time for the audience to react for the situation. Granted, you can’t add everything that the book had because of the limitations with a camera. But, I do think that the movie was really good. It still had the same message and had the same feel. I would recommend this movie, it was very inspiring.

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Good Stuff


In To Kill A Mocking bird, Miss Maudie quotes, “We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step.” I think that this character was talking about rights for black people, but I think this quote could be used for anything. Anything we do to help the world for good, even if it is a baby step, is a step and helps the world. I think that it is important to realize what we’ve done or how far we’ve come despite how tiny or how weak our efforts may have been. If we all keep trying and id we all work a little harder, our efforts will eventually pay off, even if it is just a baby-step.


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An Authority on Courage


Courage can be a tough thing to do or portray. It takes skill, and serious thought, but the truth is, everyone can be courageous. Hi, my name is Rosa Parks and I too had to be courageous. I was going to and from work on the bus when I was told to give up my seat just because of the color of my skin. I told the man that I would not give up my seat and that took a lot of courage. My one act of courage started something revolutionary, just from the single act of not giving up my seat. I ‘m not quite sure what you may be struggling with, but realize that your one act of bravery and courage, however hard it may be, can strike something in the heart of someone else. Remember, courage is contagious.


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Real Courage


“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.” I really like this quote for To Kill A Mockingbird. I feel like it shows what real courage is. Real courage is knowing you are going to loose but giving it your best and trying anyway. When we don’t hide behind fear and give it our all, you never know what might happen. You could even win.


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I think that they’ve run into a hard thing, knowing that they’re not going to win. But honestly, should they continue? I believe that even if they know that they are going to fail, that they should try anyway. Being persistent could help maybe turn the odds around. Even if they work hard, believe in themselves and give it all they’ve got and STILL loose, that’s okay. they will probably learn something and become better for a trial in the future. I think this shows how good Atticus is at being persistent and how good of a learner he is. I feel like it says a lot about him.


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How To Kill A Mockingbird… So Far


So far, I have actually really liked How To Kill A Mockingbird. I feel like it is really interesting and I have always enjoyed classic style books, movies, and entertainment. I have always wanted to read it. People keep saying that the book is a “life changer” and I really look forward to seeing that play out and seeing where the story goes. I haven’t really seen anything in the book yet to justify why it might be so popular, but it has got to have something good. I expect to see something that will really get me thinking. I feel like it is going to be a good book, and many have already told me that it is.


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Climbing Into Other Peoples skin


Climbing into other peoples skin sound kinda freaky and bizarre. But if you think about it, it’s actually quite insightful. If you put yourself in their shoes, their perspective, their skin, you begin to realize things about that person. You begin to realize who they are, what they’ve done and why they do it. I think that “crawling into other peoples skin” is actually really useful. I believe if we all tried to see what other people go through and why they act the way they do, this world would be so much better. I defiantly think it is helpful and we should all try it out and see what a difference we could make.


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Empathy is kind of sympathy on a higher level, you understand and feel what they are feeling. I feel like using empathy better helps the person whom you are trying to comfort and for those who are comforting you. I try to use empathy as much as I can. Lots of people come talk to me and confide in me and sometimes finding empathy is hard! Showing empathy for others can really help not only the person you are talking to, but it also helps you. It does kinda take both people, but at least showing empathy on your side can really help a person who is struggling. In short, empathy is worth taking the time to learn the skill so you can help others.

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2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!


During the first semester I feel like I did a pretty good job at paying attention and getting work done.  I would defiantly have to say my greatest success was finishing the big essays, they were pretty hard! However, I did struggle with getting an A. I was trying to get an A in this class and I was pretty close, but not quite!  I think this term I’m gonna try again to get at very least an A minus by staying on top of my work, paying attention and taking time after school to see if I understand what is being taught. By following my mini goals I will be able to obtain my A and hopefully have a great experience this term!


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Design Process Thinking


The design process thinking idea has been used a lot lately in class. I feel like it really is going to benefit us for the future and not just for our grades so we can get into college. I think it will be useful in whatever job we may have in the near and distant future. That may be for a presentation to a new client or maybe making a prototype to impress your boss. I most defiantly feel like if we continue to use this process it will help us with the future and make us better thinkers and designers.


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