Climbing into other people’s skin

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To climb in other people’s skin is like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, it means to see something from their perspective. Atticus says this to Scout and if the takes this advise then it will improve her relationships with many people in Maycomb. Firstly it will help her to get along with Miss Caroline, Scout will learn that Maycomb is a new environment for her and that she is not accustom to it’s “traditions”. Everyone should do this seeing as it will help you find empathy for those who you dislike or disagree with. It’s a valuable skill that allows you to meet common ground with people.


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Empathy is the ability to identify with someone else’s emotions like if someone you know is going through some tough times that you can relate to and understand that you’d probably feel in the same situation. Everyone should feel some sort of empathy and if you don’t then that makes you a psychopath because without the ability to understand other people’s emotions and relate to it you wouldn’t know if your giving someone a hard time. I’ve been shown empathy just last period, I goofed up in band and my friend was able to not only confirm that I sucked but that both of us sucked at times. He said it as an off key thing but it helped me shred for the rest of the class.

2nd Semester Goals

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I think that I did good in 1st semester, from what I’ve heard 2nd term is the term in which most students grades tank but I managed to get great grades that term. The only real goal that I have for 2nd semester in general is to get the same grades that I got in 2nd term and my goal for this class in specific is to read more. I need to put more time at home to read seeing as my books read is not where I would want it to be. Other that the grades and reading I don’t have any other goals set in mind and I’m just happy that I’m halfway through the school year.

Design Thinking Process

I thought the process that when in to making a presentation with the process given to us was pretty fun and I could see myself using it in the future. It was useful in the fact that we took the survey to find out what kind of presentation that everyone wanted to see before putting a lot of effort into the project. The whole process behind making the project was linear but it helped steer my group and I in the right direction. I definitely hope that I use the design thinking process with future projects in other classes possibly.


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I was walking about on the sidewalk next to a somewhat large stream on a midnight trot that I take every night when something different caught my eye. There was a faint crackling coming from the near by woods, I looked over and saw a struggle happening in the distance. A man in a dark black hood wrestling with someone. I immediately took off circling around the stream. When I came about the scene there was nothing but broken twigs. But there was something ominous about these sticks, They were arranged in a circle with an arrow pointing deeper into the woods. Me being a curious fellow sprinted off deeper into the darkness. As I was running in the direction of the arrow I felt as if I was going in circles, I turned to the direction that I knew was the right path. I slowly started to fatigue when I began to feel apprehensive about going deeper into the woods when I turned around and saw 2 white beads looking in my direction. I quickly dove behind a fallen tree and heard a cackling. It got louder and louder, then suddenly it went away, I wanted to see if anything was there.  As I peeked over the log I saw nothing but the few trees lit by the moonlight, I slumped back over wondering what it was, happy that it had gone away. as I lay there I felt the need to find my way back to my home, I quickly jumped up when a man stood about 2 feet away staring, I knew that man. It was Shia LeBouf.

Promoting Change


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Change has been a topic of discussion, whose job is it to determine when we need to change, why we need change and what circumstances should be required for a change to be made to some preexisting tradition or injustice in today’s society? I believe that we should be the ones in charge solely because we’re the only people that can actually implement any sort of change. It can’t be any sort of legislature it should come gradually to people over time. Things that were considered just fine 100 years ago wouldn’t be considered okay in today’s society. Marrying your cousin used to be an okay thing but is not okay now and for good reason. Change will come slowly overtime and we don’t need to do anything drastic right now.

Thanksgiving Words of the Week

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Thanksgiving is a great holiday, there’s great food and you get to socialize with relatives. However it may not be the best holiday for the more reclusive teenagers. I found myself being one of the hermit crabs last time my family celebrated Thanksgiving. Apparently some people find the usual food served on Thanksgiving to be repugnant and gross. Me personally, I love cranberries, sweet potatoes and ham, ham being my favorite. It’s unfortunate that some people don’t enjoy Thanksgiving for the awesome holiday that it is. All I usually do is pig out on the food that they have there and then fall into a coma when I get home.

The Search for the Perfect Book

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As I was scrolling through Library Thing and I saw the book “The life of Pi” and it caught my eye. The book itself is about a guy stranded on a boat with a tiger in the middle of the ocean. I probably would’ve just scrolled past it if I hadn’t remembered the movie that released a while back. I’ve never seen the movie and I only know the basic premise of the book. I looked through the reviews and I noticed a trend of people saying that not much happens in the book, one person mentioned that every time something interesting does happen it involves gore. I hope the book keeps me interested and I might look into reading it.

How I Define Equality

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Many different people have their own definition of equality. Whether it be everyone is exactly the same like in the story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. Everyone in the story has handicaps to make everyone the same and not exclude anyone, or there is the more lax definition of letting people have the same in any given thing. For example pay at a job or cost of an item. The dictionary definition of equality is “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.” Note that the definition specifies in status, rights and opportunities meaning everyone has the same status. No one is above any other person and should not be put down or put above anyone else. Rights which can be an easy one in the U.S. with the Constitution stating that all men are equal. Finally opportunities, no one should have it easy with an offering to a job that pays more. Everyone has the same opportunities, none better, none worse.

The Sticky Issue of Equality

Image result for equality          Equality is a pretty topical subject in today’s political climate and many people have a different definition on equality. The actual definition for the nerds that like to play by the rules is “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.” Now I think that all people are created equal, in their rights. Everyone has the same rights however everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities and the issue right now is government interfering with that. Government programs like welfare are suppose to give people who weren’t given the opportunities a chance at  being successful however the money given to them is taken from other people as taxes. Not a bad idea but there’s a lot of room for people taking advantage of the system. In the short I think the government has done what they can in giving everyone the same rights and then interfering in it further can just result in them lowering the bar too low.