Love Moderately

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Friar Lawrence before he marries Romeo and Juliet he tells them a poem that could be summed up to love moderately. He begins with “These violent delights have violent ends,” and while this could be foreshadowing how the play ends. It could also means that while they love each other now from surface level they could learn more about each other that can change their relationship. He’s pretty much saying that they shouldn’t love in excess but instead love over time. I doubt that Romeo and Juliet will actually take this advise considering that they met two days ago and they’re already getting married. Romeo in my opinion is the least reserved because the day before he met Juliet he was pouting because he couldn’t marry a nun.


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There’s not much that I hate but there is one think or type of people that make me see red. That being people who don’t do anything on a group project, show up last second, and still get full credit. Back in 8th grade I was in a woods class and we were making rockets, this was a group project and my buddy and I worked hard on it and had noticed that the other kid in our group wasn’t doing anything so we asked the teacher to kick him out. We got him out of our group and he tattled on us after, got our score lowered and he got full credit. I think that would be a somewhat justified reason to hate someone but there are occurrences where the hate was unjust. I don’t think it’s bad to hate someone but I do think it should be for a good reason. As long as someone really looks at why they hate something then comes to their own conclusion then they are completely in there rights.

Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

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From the articles that we read in class, one of the couple reasons to not teach Shakespeare is because his perspective as a white man who live over 400 years ago don’t really apply to the perspective of colored teenagers living today. To that I would say that it shouldn’t be racial reasons to not teach Shakespeare but rather what he wrote. Most of what he wrote was meant to be preformed and not read as the article points out and I agree with that. So while I think that it can be boring in a classroom I still believe that Shakespeare should be taught through performance like it has been for the past 400 years.

What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

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One big thing that I’ve learned from the humans of PG is that you really don’t know someone until you have “crawled into their skin”. The partner I had was bullied since 4th grade and I would’ve never guessed that he was bullied. He also told me that it has pretty much stopped after he stopped caring and I could tell that he really could not care less. I think it’s cool that you don’t know anyone until you have had a in depth conversation with them about something like their home life or what their life was like growing up. I would definitely like to do this assignment again just to get to know more people’s personalities that I’ve only been seeing just a little bit of.

Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

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I began the 9th grade English with the goal of becoming a better essay writer. Before I could never stay in one place and just write. Every time I tried to write an essay I would get distracted somehow and forget whatever idea I was working on before. I started to just open up time in my day, sit down, and write. I feel like this really worked for me and helped me keep on track without losing the idea I was writing about. I think I’ve accomplished my goal for 9th grade English although I can definitely make more improvement.

What Makes a Person Great?


In my personal opinion I believe that not only having virtues but pertaining to these virtues even in the toughest scenarios is the thing that makes someone great. Having strong and right morals is the name of the game, always doing what’s right and not doubting your choice after. Never thinking that you’re the perfect being but being good as you can be. Not only virtues make a great person but being kind and helping out when needed even thought it’s not required. Being humble about the good thinks that you do and not bragging about how great of a person you are is just a given.

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

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I went into this book knowing almost nothing about it besides what I read on the dust cover. Throughout reading it had it’s ups and downs. It begins with a lot of kids being kids and then it just starts to dive into the trial. The trial was also the highlight of the book and it only takes up about 40 pages. I’m kinda glad that they kept it short but it would’ve been great to read more of the trial. The book itself is pretty good, I don’t think it deserves all of the praise that it has gotten over the years but I do think it is a good book. The movie is also that, a good movie. It doesn’t emphasize things like Aunt Alexandra’s dinning party while keeping the trail semi-short. The movie doesn’t show that much of Bob Ewell but I think that he should’ve had more time to develop the character. The movie does have a great soundtrack and the music kinda forces you to feel an emotion and doesn’t really leave you to feel just from the acting alone. The movie is good and I think it holds up the book pretty well and is a deserving movie adaptation

Good Stuff To Kill a Mocking Bird

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On page 244 there’s a quote from Miss Rachel’s of her reacting to Atticus’ participation in the Tom Robinson case, “If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head”. This quote really says what the people of Maycomb think of the Tom Robinson case. They know he didn’t rape Mayella and even though they know this none of them want to say anything. If you do try to stand up for a black person, in this case Tom Robinson, then you’re thought of as banging your head against a stone wall even when a man’s life is at stake. It’s really neat-o that although this is one person saying that what Atticus is doing is pointless it says all that you really need to know about what the people of Maycomb think about trying to help a black man.

An Authority on Courage – Spiderman

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If I had a friend of whom sought advise for something that requires great courage I would recommend my boy Spiderman, specifically the Tobey Maguire Spiderman because the new movie sucked and I hated it. I’m sure that if he existed he would give some good advice like “Do whatever, it’s no skin off my back” or “I couldn’t care any less but you should do whatever you feel is going to have the best outcome.” If I could manage to get my friend to have a talk with Tobey Maguire and have him do his best impression of Spiderman I would do so in a heart beat.

Real Courage

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In chapter 11 of To Kill a Mockingbird a character Jem does stupid things and ends up having to read to an old woman named Mrs. Dubose who lives next to him. While Jem is reading to her she has fits of drooling and shaking her head. When his punishment is up and Mrs. Dubose has passed away Jem’s father tells him about real courage, that being that it isn’t always a man with a gun in his hand but maybe an old woman who wanted to die beholden to nothing, no pain killers or anything. I believe that this is real courage, to start knowing you’re not going to win but still pulling through.