My SIPS Pitch!

I’m excited to get to work on our SIPS project. It’s a great opportunity to learn about things we are interested in! So here we go!

1) I want to learn about all the famous tap dancers. I want to know what inspired them and their different techniques. I want to watch them and try to pick up ideas for my own tap dances. I want to see the different idea’s they had and how they managed to become so well know. I want to watch them express themselves through dance. I think it would be really cool to understand how life was back then.

2)  Can I inspire others through this?

Where will I get the info?

Will learning about these things help me?

3) I was thinking about creating a power point with all the information I gain about famous tap dancers. To go along with the slide show I wanted to choreograph a dance of my own and perform it. With the power point I want to educate others about the famous tap dancers and how they came to be. I also want to show them the fancy things they do with tap dancing. With the dance I hope to inspire others. I hope to take people away from their everyday life. I want them to relax. I hope to send a message across to them through the dance.

4) If I need help (and I probably will) I will turn to my tap teacher Wendi Isaacson. She could help me with my dance. She is amazing at making dances flow and it could help me improve my choreography. She could also teach me different, harder moves to include in my dance.


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