Yay more SIPS! Here’s what I learned today.

1) Where to start?  To start I’m reading TAP! by Rusty Frank. With this book I’m learning about the history of tap and different famous tap dancers.

What needs to happen first? I need to read and learn about tap so I can make my slide show.

2)  What I learned.

First, tap was all the jazz and everyone wanted to hear it, to be apart of it. Then we hit World War 1. Once the tragedy ended everything sky rocketed. By the mid – 20’s the economy had gone up, because everyone was spending. People went to night clubs and imitated the Hollywood Stars. This sparked yo a time period know as the jazz age. There was jazz style, jazz poetry, and jazz dance also known a tap dance. There are different kinds of from Flash, to legomania, to eccentric, class and soft shoe.

Most of the tap dancers who traveled west were boys 12 or younger. They brought  special punch to the shows and was given  very unique name because of it: pickaninny, “pick” for short. Many tap dancers spent their years as picks. The picks age range was from 6-12.


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