What a fun day!

1)  Today I learned about Willie Covan.    Willie started out as a black pick in a white vaudeville show. He later formed a group called “The Four Covans” with his siblings. He was on Broadway in “Shuffle Along”. Eleanor Powell made him the head dance instructor of MGM Studios. The created the Waltz Clog and Around the World – without hands. He taught himself tap from the street cars of Chicago.

I also learned how to do a Waltz Clog, Double Waltz Clog, and a Double Waltz Clog Pullback. I want to use these elements from Willie in my tap dance.

2) Next I need to learn more about tappers over the week and what steps they created so I can start choreographing my tap dance. I also need to make a slide show with all the information I’m going to present.

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