1) I learned about two more tap dancers today. Ruby Keeler was the first tap dancer to appear in film. She admits that she is not a s good a Ginger Rogers or Eleanor Powell. She also admits that she is not a tap dancer, she’s a Buck dancer. Buck dancers are a lot like tap dancers but they leave all the movement in their feet. None of it in their arms. They also wear soft shoes. Next is Leonard Reed. The black and whites have always been separated. In the entertainment world there was a thing called “passing”. If you could pass as a white you could work with them. One such man, Leonard Reed, passed. He created the Shim Sham Shimmy.

2) I’m excited to learn about Peg Leg baits. I’m also excited to learn more about Leonard Reed and the Shim Sham Shimmy and incorporate it into my tap dance.

3) I was thinking about maybe signing part of the song in my dance, so I would need to learn ASL. Mostly I just need to work on the tap part at home.

4) My next step is to do some more research at home so I can start putting my slide show and dance together.

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