1)  I learned that it can be hard to choreograph a tap dance. I’ve done it before but that time it came so naturally. Sometimes you really have to stop and listen to the rhythms and take it slow. When I slowed it down I was able to come up with what I needed. I learned a relearned some tap moves to try and get inspiration for my dance.

2)  I would rate how I used my time as an 8.5. I could have tried to dive deep into the choreography. Next time I shouldn’t warm up as long. Warming up is good though because then I won’t hurt myself.

3)  My project it progressing good. I just need to create my power point. Study tap dancers a little more and finish my dance. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve learned about so many dancers I didn’t know existed.

4)  My next step is to read my book at home so I can create my power point. Next SIPS I think I will continue to choreograph.

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