Final SIPS Blog Post

1) I learned about different famous tap dancers; how they go their start, what moves they created, and why they are famous. Then I took their moves and created my own tap dance.

– I chose this project because I like to tap dance and I wanted to learn more about the tappers before.

– I hope I inspired someone through my dance. I want to show people that we can do hard things if we work for it. I also wanted to teach people about tapping through my dance and slide show because its becoming a lost art.

– I did my research at school along with my choreography. I practiced my dance at home and made my slide show there as well.

– Yes, my dad and mom helped me cut my music so the dance would flow even better. I made it a lot easier and the cut offs weren’t just irrupt, we made them smooth.

2) At some points it was hard to find rhythms that went with the music. I kept working to get an intro, but I just couldn’t find anything. So I decided to cut the music. Also the chorus was super weird with its rhythms; I found some eventually but sense it was hard to find I repeated the same steps in the second chorus instead of having new choreography. All of this made me a little bit upset because the last time I choreographed a dance everything came really easy and naturally. For this one I really had to work because it was harder to find things that matched. In the end though it was worth it because it felt right to do what I did.

3) I think my biggest success was my dance. Like I said before it didn’t come naturally but the pay off was totally worth it. The dance came together in a way that made me happy with what I had created. Through out the experience I was just really frustrated thinking “oh no that didn’t work, what if I tried this, why won’t anything work.” but in the end it did work so that was a big payoff. it just came together so beautifully. My parents kept telling me how good it was. I got a lot of compliments, so I think that it turned out well.

4) I learned that if you were black but you could pass as a white then you could work with them. Leonard Reed was someone who passed. He is famous for creating the Shim Sham Shimmy. He was 95 when he created it and the dance has lived on. I also learned that George Murphy didn’t actually dance. He was an athlete, but there was this girl he like who danced. She was moving away. Murphy asked her if he created a dance team would she stay, she said yes. And he created a dance team and went on to become a very famous tapper; all because of a girl. The project was worth my time. I loved learning about all the tapper that came before us. Yes, I do think I gained some English skills. I had to read and research to be able to get the information, like we do in English. I learned how to be less nervous in front of a crowd. I’m getting a lot better at performing by myself for people.

5)I was able to attend the showcase. Everything was so cool and everyone put a lot of work into what they wanted to learn about. I thought the whole thing was so cool. I loved how everyone learned about something different. No one (unless they were partners) learned about the same thing.

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