Everything I now or think I know about Shakespear

I haven’t really read Shakespear a lot. Pretty much all I know about it is that he was the author of Romeo and Juliet… If that’s even how you spell it XD

That’s another problem that I have with Shakespear is that some of the words are so confusing, I’m pretty sure no human can decipher them. I’ve heard that reading his stuff isn’t peoples favorite after school activity, but who knows? Can’t judge a book by its cover, right?

I think that it’ll be a good experience to read Shakespear but I don’t think i’ll necessarily enjoy it…? per say? I don’t know whats in his writings and so far, the things that I’ve read haven’t been my favorite. But oh well. We’ll see


Self-discipline  is something that I need to work on. I reeeaaalllyyy hate homework/ studying and do everything in my power to procrastinate. I think that grading myself in what I do is important for self-discipline because it lets me take a breather for one. And helps me to see the whole picture. I can see what my goals are, as well as what I need to accomplish in a certain amount of time .

It helps students study if the subject they’re learning is something they can have fun with and be interested in. who wants to take notes while the teacher blabbs on a white board? C L E A R L Y I do! Students need to use their creativity to learn. Otherwise it just goes in one ear, and out the other.

How I Will Dominate During Term 4

I’m going to not only try to do better in English, but in all my classes. i’m going to try to keep all my grades B’s or above. But there’s only so much better you can get at something, before you can’t do any better. I’m good at a lot of things, they’re small, and seemingly pointless (to me), but i’m good at them. What I don’t see a point in is spending time studying for something that you will never need, like you get pulled over and the cop is like

“…Ma’am, what is the capitol of Greece? If you get this right you’ll get 10 extra credit points on your grade and your speeding ticked price will be cut down by half”

Like, that’s never gonna happen. And we all know it. So how about we learn how to pay taxes. Or how to vote. Or what the best job would be for us. And yah, reality town was a little part of that, but we need a home living class. Or a business class. Or something along those lines. We don’t need to know all 400 billion digits of pie. What we do need to know, is how to choose the right insurance plan without getting ripped off. And grades don’t define what we’re capable of, what were good at does.

How I feel about “To Kill a Mockingbird”

This is one of the few things I’ve read and watched the movie for, and I was really impressed with the book. I wish the movie had time for every detail, but since it didn’t I wasn’t really that impressed. I think that this is a great book 10/10, and movie is ehhh… 5/10. I think that every school should have their students read this book. It’s not only a great read, but it’s a read with meaning. When I first got the book I pretty much had the attitude of *oh great. I get to read Shakespeare*.  But it turned out to be one of the best books I’ve read.

Good stuff from to Kill A Mockingbird

“We’re making a step.” It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” Even if something you do is small, it still makes a difference. kind of like the ripple effect, if you do something nice fore someone else, they (hopefully) would keep the kindness going. Our school tried to promote that, and failed miserably. Ya’ll remember the kindness chain? Yah that didn’t really work. It was a good attempt (step) , it’s just that nobody cared. If we really want to put some effort into doing that kind of stuff, the school has to look into what teenagers REALLY like. Not just cutting out a peice of paper, writing on it, and stapling it onto another paper. -_-

Courage and Integrity


Having courage is an essential part of life (for me anyways) courage to me, is saying what I think is right even if people will judge me. If someone makes false accusations about me or my friends, I’ll stand up and tell them they’re wrong. I usually don’t pick fights unless I know i’m right. Alot of people know that so they don’t mess with me unless they’ve got some serious backup, You gotta choose you battles carefully. And look straight into the guns barrel when you do. What are some arguments that you’ve been in that required you show courage?

Blind Spots

I think that their can be good people with bad habits. They mean well but they don’t know how to act. I think that those guys that were going to beat up Atticus are still good people because

  1. They didn’t end up doing it
  2. They saw what really mattered and used some common sense
  3.  They stopped and thought about it, and decided it was the wrong thing to do.        They are  good people, they just need to think about their actions, and decide if its really what they want to do and what the consequences will be.           Being a sibling, I can reason with myself in the blink of an eye, and consider the consequences  if its worth fighting back with my siblings or not.

Real Courage

Courage is standing up for what you believe is right, even though you know that it will get you in trouble. Courage is getting back up and fighting even though you know you’ll lose. When you show courage, other people will notice it, and show their own courage because it inspires them. I think that’s what makes us a strong generation. We have courage and we have leaders. And ~for the most part~ we all support each other. We still need guidance and support from previous generations, but when we catch wind of the subject, we will take the reins and support our own country.

Climbing into Another Person’s Skin

The phrase doesn’t mean literally climb into somebody else’s skin, it means to see something from their point of view. Or to try to look at it from another angle. Scout will learn to see what other people’s points of view are for example if her and one of her friends were playing baseball one day, and broke a window, and her friend decided to drop the bat and run, then scout picked up the bat and tried to call to her friend to come retrieve it, and the owner of the house came out and saw scout holding the bat. Who do you think the lady would accuse?Image result for baseball bat and ball

The End Is Half Way Upon Us

I have ZIP satisfaction with myself this semester. its probably because at this point in the year I don’t care anymore because Mrs. Twiggs ruined my hopes and drea-*AHEM AHEM* life. And I’m sleep deprived, and I hate school, and I just want to go home and sleep.

Also quick question (Completely off topic)

Is anyone else’s feet either ALWAYS to cold, or to hot?


What do you put in a toaster?

Merry Christmas Everyone! Iv’e had a wonderful year with all of you. (Not really)  But still, merry Christmas and I hope I see you next semester (also not really)

(just kidding I love you all)

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