Post #4~ Poem

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“No Gifts from War” is a very insightful piece of literature. It tells the story of a farmer who loves his plantation and spent hours and hours taking care of it, until one day, he is called away to war. His plantation, family, and self all share one desire: his return.

He faithfully fulfills his duty as a soldier, despite his homesickness. The war greatly affects not only him, but his family and other citizens. They all want the war to end, and the farmer hopes to return home, but ends up getting killed in battle. His family is horrified by this truth, and many others are greatly affected by the results of the war.

I’d say this poem’s message is to convince the reader that war isn’t the answer to society’s problems. It follows the farmer’s story, and ends with him losing his life, which deeply affects his family. It also describes the fear, heartache, and sadness that war brings, all in all, convincing the reader against war.

As far as cultural items go, I noticed the names “Bannang Sata” and “Nongbalamphu”, which are obviously from Thai orgin. I decided to research each of these names. “Bannang Sata” was derived from an original Malay name, “Benang Setar”: “Benang” meaning sewing thread, and “Setar” meaning tree with small, sour fruit. Nongbalamphu’s first name meant, “the town with beautiful water with blooming lotus flowers.” These descriptions helped indicate why the farmer wanted to return to his land; it must’ve been very beautiful.


Post #3~ News Article

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Thailand’s leader, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, passed away about six months ago, which caused a ripple effect throughout the country. Citizens closed down their shops to pay their respects, and the holiday lasted for five days, then ended with a cremation ceremony, which, in total, costed ninety-million dollars. Thailand’s king contributed much to their country’s success; he was their ruler for seventy years and had significant impact in the military. His people’s loyalty was very apparent throughout the event.

Thailand’s people were so dedicated to their late king that (some worry) having a new one would divide their country. To many of the Thai people, Bhumibol Adulyadej was the only king they ever knew, and his people definitely supported him. Being ruled by a new king with unfamiliar opinions could cause an uproar in the land, dividing the people and therefore creating conflict.

The people of Thailand aren’t necessarily in a state of unrest, but one of uncomfortable change. They are getting used to their current leader and will become more so as time goes on. Thailand is in a pretty good state; they have an improved military standing and successful exports, such as rice, rubber, and cotton. The country is on good terms with the United States, so they’ll probably continue in such a manner. I believe Thailand will adjust to their new ruler and continue to live in peace.



Post #2~Background Information

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Thailand has a vast population of 69.9 million people, and most of its citizens live in its capital city, Bangkok, which holds 14,565,547 people. Another one of Thailand’s major cities is Hat Yai, which is known for its transportation, containing a major train station and an airport. It is well-known for its top educational facilities, including high schools and a university. It also houses areas, such as a temple and good shopping areas, which bring many people to Hat Yai. The main language spoken in Thailand is the Thai language, which has numerous dialects.

Post #1~Introduction

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I chose Thailand for my country research project; it’s a very interesting country. I have a neighbor lived in Thailand and has told me many facts about it. As I research Thailand, I expect to learn more about its culture, such as forms of dance, music, and ways of life/social expectations there. I am curious as to what genres of music are most popular and legal ages for marriage, driving. etc. I plan to learn much about Thailand as I embark in such research.

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