Book Show and Tell #2

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For my second book show and tell, I read the book Firefight by Brandon Sanderson. This is the second book in the Steelheart series, which we already read as a class. The storyline follows the characters David, Prof, Megan, and Tia: The Reckoners. Their purpose is to find the weaknesses of and then kill Epics. David, the main character, is forced to leave Newcago for the first time in his life to travel to the strange city of Babilar and join forces with another group of Reckoners. A new enemy, who also happens to be an old friend, has resurfaced to cause trouble. Regalia, a dangerous and high Epic, has the ability to control water, and appears to the Reckoners several times using water to imitate an image of herself. Their goal is to find her base and destroy her from the inside out, but they slowly begin to realize that she knows more than they think; more than even they know. David discovers things about Epics and Calamity that he never imagined, and the dark side of certain characters begins to unfold as they are pushed to their limits to fight against Regalia. In the meantime, they are trying to fend off another high and slightly insane Epic, Obliteration, who is set on exploding the city. This book is action packed, with a small taste of mystery and romance thrown in for effect. I would recommend this book to anyone who has already read Steelheart or any other books by Brandon Sanderson, and just anyone who likes action and intensity in a book with no chill 🙂

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