Are book dangerous

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in a way yes because it could lead to people liking a book written by a jewish person and hitler doesent want people to like jewish people so he want to destroy them so people go on his side. at this time period i think it would help hitler but its still a bad thing he doing destroying other peoples work so he can get people to join his side i dont think books are dangerous in our time peried but they could be dangerous to there time period and when hitler hates the jewish communite i fell like they would destroy it ether way but it was a harsh a cruel time period so you could expect anything to happen.

why steal books

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I think that liesel likes books so much is because she wants to learn how and because it was a new thing that she hardly new how to do so she can learn new things and to be more creative another thing i thought was that there family was pretty poor and she never got to learn how to read or write or ever had a book they had or i thought they had there books taken away.

the darkest minds book write and setting

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The darkest minds is a close to apocalyptic world. there was a disease going around that made kids young and teen ages die. when ruby (the main character) had something happen to her in the garage her mom and dad called the police and she had to go to a camp it was raining that day when she made it to a prison camp and muddy but it seemed not to be a normal camp it was a camp with no rules for the guards they got jump suits that had different color backs on the back to see if the kids were good or bad the mood seem to be that the kids were scared because  they didn’t know what was happening or were they were. the camp was called thurmond a brutal government rehablitation camp. she was in 6 when she first got to the camp tell she was 16. then she was on the run from the guards called PSF because she had abilites a group of people had taken her in and took here to the east river and meet other people with abilites like hers. this is darkest minds but not all.

my favorite book

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I like this book because it is a action packed and they have secrets that will be reviled if you read it. it is sad at points  and bad so i would recommend if you are ok with that stuff and a little curse words if not its not for you.

why i read

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Why i read? I read because reading is a basic way of learning. A way to learn to spell or even spell better it help you learn new words you never seen before and its a basic thing you need in life. Reading is a way to read a story and learn new things and explore the book you are reading and see what the main character does to solve his problem or what ever he needs to do. It teaches you new things you have never thought about or even heard of it makes you think of stuff is true and not true but you think it is the way the book tells you it and expressing the feeling of things and what is sounds like makes you think that you are there and actually seeing it with your own eyes to imagine a new world. this is why i read

Hello world!

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