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My Personal Essay

I love reading. I read all the time. Do you read too? Reading has given me a new life because it gives me friends, it gives me something to do when I’m bored, and most of all it brings me to worlds I wish existed.

One reason reading has given me a new life is that it gives me friends. For example, once while I was reading The Land of Stories, it gave me two friends that I knew and could imagine that I was with them and could talk to them. Also the book I’m reading, “Michael Vey” gives me a friend named Michael. I can imagine that I have powers like him and was a member of the Electroclan.

Another reason that reading has given me a new life is because it gives me something to do when I’m bored. For example, whenever I’m bored from TV I can go upstairs and just read my book. Honestly, I think that reading is more fun than TV. Also, after I get put to bed, I can read and it helps me sleep. Then I’m not tired the next day and I can actually do my work.

Although reading has given me friends and it has gave me something to do while I’m bored, my most important reason is that it brings me to worlds that I wish existed. Like for example, when I was reading a series called The Land of Stories it brought me to a land where I could see real magic and see where Alex and Conner have been. I can get a clear picture in my mind of the world I am reading about. I could tell what I imagined to a random person and they could probably see the world too.

Reading has given me a new life by giving me friends, giving me something to do while I’m bored, and brings me to worlds that I wish existed. I know that reading has given me a new life. I know this because of how much it has changed in my life. One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Seuss and I think this sums up what I think about reading. He said, “The more you read the more things you’ll know, the more you learn the more places you’ll go.”

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I am thankful for many things

I am thankful for many things. Some things I am thankful for are my mom and dad. They take care of me if I am sick or not. Also I am thankful for Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and he loves me no matter what I do. Then I am thankful for food. It is healthy for me and it is yummy. I am thankful for a home. It gives me shelter and warmth. I am thankful for holidays. They are fun and they represent things. I am thankful for electronics. They are fun and helpful. I am thankful for friends. They give me comfort when I am sad or mad. I probably have 1,000,000 more things to be thankful for. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Down Syndrome

“BEEP BEEP BEEP! Voicemail! You stink and you look ugly.¨


When I heard that I stopped breathing. Apparently my sister, Alex, has really good hearing and ran to my bed. I told her what Siri said. She squealed! My mom came running in thinking the squealing was me. First, I told her that it wasn’t me. Then I told her what Siri said. She screamed! Then my dad came in thinking the screaming was me. I told him what I told mom and Alex.

Alex  told me,  “Just because you have down syndrome doesn’t mean that you can get teased.” So I got up. I got my stomach filled with food. Did my hair and went to school. Suddenly, I tripped and fell. It hurt but I didn’t see anybody that could have tripped me.  I looked up, the bus left. I was bleeding everywhere. But my mom didn’t hear me. Finally I got to school. I was so mad.

When I finally got to school my teacher was playing a game with the class. It seemed that nobody noticed me. I finally got their attention by yelling, “Hello! I’m standing right here!”

My teacher said, “Oh, I didn’t notice you there.” Then she said to partner up with somebody for the game. Nobody wanted to be with me. So I had to be with the teacher. After playing for a while, the bell rang. It was time for recess.

When I got out to recess, I sat and thought. Then people started teasing me just because I had to be with the teacher. I felt so sad. Then my sister shooed them away. I said thanks and then the bell rang. I got inside and then my teacher told me to go to the principal’s office.What did she mean? I walked as slowly as I could without looking suspicious.  The office lady told me to go to HIS office.

I went into the principal’s office and he started howling at me! I literally started crying. He had such a loud voice! I didn’t know why he was yelling at me. I dashed out of there as fast as possible. When I thought that nobody was in the hall my “best friend” appeared. I screamed! He scared me! Then he said sorry.

“Sorry for what?”

“ Sorry for getting you in trouble.” I was so mad. He was the reason I was in trouble! But then I thought about how when I did something wrong that I would be forgiven so I forgave him.

When I got home I did my homework and was listening to my favorite rock band, the Beatles. Suddenly, my sister burst through the door.

“A tornado is going to hit!” I dashed down to the cellar and I was terrified. I was only 9 back then and I didn’t understand what was going to happen to us.

Finally the tornado hits.

Library, D.. nssl0066.jpg. April 10, 1979. Pics4Learning. 16 Nov 2018

I heard rumbling sounds and big crashes and suddenly I heard a big BOOM! I went absolutely nuts. Then I started crying. I heard a scream but I realized it was my own. I heard more screams. I was horrified. The house was shaking. Then we heard no more noise. I was trembling. I carefully stepped out of the cellar and saw nothing had happened. I then looked out the window.

I dashed out like a cheetah through the door and I started helping. There was wood, toys, paint, and craziness. I did most of the work. I found new friends because I was so helpful. It was awesome. I was finally noticed. I got more and more and MORE friends. That’s how I became President of the Student Council.

Who knows? Maybe someday I could become the president of the united states of America.


the crash

Where am I?  Why am I here? Where am I going?


I was sitting in the hospital bed. Everything was black. I felt pain everywhere. The last thing I remember was me sitting in an airplane that was falling. I was screaming. Then everything went black. All black.

This story started when I was going to Alaska for a science project. We were studying animals. I was living in Spain at the time. We were riding on a private plane. I was with my friends Alice, Monica, Teresa and Alex and our teacher Mrs. Chew. We were so excited. We were riding in a private plane! Just us! It was so cool. We were talking then we heard a big BANG. It made us scream. We heard a yell that said “MAYDAY MAYDAY WE ARE GOING TO CRASH!!!” I was terrified. I was screaming. Then it was black. All black. I woke up in the hospital bed. Pain everywhere. I tried to sit up. But I couldn’t. Their were casts almost everywhere on my body. Then I noticed my mom crying by my bed. The doctor came in and that was when my mom realized I was awake. The doctor said my friends were ok. I asked what happened. He said that the plane that we were in crashed here. He said I was going to have to stay there for a year. But now I am back at home now.