Fate or Chance?


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I for one think that our entire lives are dictated by chance. Nothing happens for any specific reason, I think. I totally think I’m prone to chance, and I think chance is a mean, mean entity. The idea of fate seems a little mythical to me, like who holds the string and who cuts it and all that but that’s a little too close to home, isn’t it? Remember that cool person you met last semester, and probably have started talking to several different people you wouldn’t have if not for them? The only sort of fate that is there is that the school board is conspiring to get you more or less friends. I personally would do that if I were a board member. I’d be fate for a specific student. I think that’s illegal or something of the sorts, though so maybe not. Yesterday, I just so happened to be doing homework as my family called me in for a movie. This means that instead of fate not wanting me to watch this movie, I was literally doing homework and didn’t get the chance to watch it. This morning, I just so happened to find my dog snooping in our home office eating candies on the floor, and I yelled at her. If I had waken up earlier or later, I wouldn’t have. There is literally no way to determine if it is fate or chance that controls our lives, but I’d not only like to think it’s chance, but I believe it to. I like the idea of nothing happening for no reason.

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  1. I like how you said that you could be fate for someone. That’s a cool idea.

  2. You should have heard what they were saying about you at the last school board meeting, Sara. Unbelievable.

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