Blog Post #5: Books as Gifts

Throughout most of my childhood, I received books as Christmas gifts from grandparents. One Christmas, I received my first set of chapter books from my grandparents. The books were about fairies that each have a different specialty. Each fairy had their own separate book. There were fairies like the fashion fairy, or the snowflake fairy. Each book and fairy was different. I remember being so excited about getting a lot more of those fairy books! My parents had previously gotten me and my sisters a couple of those fairy books, but it was only a couple. So I think my grandparents knew we loved those books and got us a complete set to add to our collection. We read as much as we could the day we got them, which was Christmas Eve, and then we would read some more on Christmas day and we would read even more on the days that followed. When I was little, I absolutely loved getting books for Christmas, but now it’s something I wouldn’t really look forward to, even though I don’t even receive books for Christmas at my age anymore. But if I were to receive a book as a gift now, I would still accept it with gratitude and give it a read and then maybe give it to someone who would want it more than me.

I am currently trying to read the ‘Scythe’ series. I have just started the second book ‘Thunderhead’. I would give this series to someone who I know for a fact that likes books such as Scythe, which has a lot of action, intensity, and it’s kind of dark. Any reader who likes dystopian, futuristic, action-packed, adventurous, and intense books would definitely enjoy this series.

And finally, what I will be doing for the holidays. For Thanksgiving, my family will be hosting my dads side of the family at my own home. And I won’t be doing much for Christmas. My sister gets home from her mission 6 days before Christmas so I’ll mostly have some quality family time and catch my sister up on all the movies that she missed while she was gone. And whenever I can, I’ll go hang out with my best friends. 🙂

Blog Post #4

Body positivity! I’d say this is the main issue that the book I’m reading (Dumplin) centers around. There’s also a few social issues like bullying and the struggle to have self confidence, etc. But for now we’ll talk about the main one: body positivity.

The modern body positivity movement has it’s roots in activism of the late 1960s–though at the time, it took a slightly different form. Instead of broadly arguing that all bodies are beautiful, these activists exclusively championed the rights of one particularly denigrated group: fat people. One lady named Connie Sobczak spent years suffering from an eating disorder, and lost her sister to one. She co-founded The Body Positive organization and wrote the book Embody:  Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and Quiet that Critical Voice!) so people could help themselves practice self-love each day.

This is the exact thing that Will deals with in the story. She seems to have confidence in herself but still struggles a bit because of what others say to her about her body and self. She’s a bit self-conscious. And I think the author is taking what you read about in Dumplin’ and proving that it doesn’t matter what you look like, you can be happy and get the things you want and be confident through it all. She proves all that through the character she created known as Willowdean.

So far it’s pretty good. I’m waiting for it to pick up a little bit more but I guess I am enjoying it so far. I personally don’t prefer books like this, I don’t find them all that entertaining as some other genres. I’ve only read one other book before that was issue-driven and I don’t think I even finished it because it couldn’t keep my attention. Dumplin’ on the other hand though has been pretty good and we’ll see how I feel by the end of the book.

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Blog #3: Which Series Am I Going to Read?

I think I’m going to read the ‘Red Rising’ trilogy. I’m also considering doing the Reckoners series because I’ve already read Steelheart and I just started Firefight. If I do end up doing Red Rising, then here’s why I’ll read it. I’ve heard a bit about it and It seems to be right in the genre that I like to read. I haven’t read or started any yet. I hope to be able to finish the series by the end of the year. And if I choose the Reckoners series, then I would hope to finish that by the middle-ish of November.


‘Scythe’ by Neal Shusterman: Book Show and Tell

It all takes place in the future of this world. Humanity had conquered disease, war, even death. Now scythes are the only beings who can end life–and they are commanded to do so, in order to keep the population of the world under control. The two main characters, Citra and Rowan, are chosen to apprentice to a scythe known as Honorable Scythe Faraday. Neither Citra nor Rowan want to take part in the “art” of taking life, knowing the consequence of failure could mean losing their own. They learn living in a perfect world comes only with a heavy price. For anyone who loves action and adventure and a futuristic setting, this would be a good book to read. I highly recommend it, it’s amazing! I love it when I can find a book that’s exactly they way I want it to be. Like the genre, the content within the book, etc. This book was so good and I hope to read the next book sometime in the future!

Post #1: Introduction

What type of reader am I? I’ve always been the type of person to go for anything sci-fi and adventure related stuff. I sometimes find myself interested in romance novels but it doesn’t happen too often. I also really like to read realistic fiction books. Those type of books tend to be the ones that keep me interested and entertained the most.

Post #3: Short Story

The Little Mice and the Big Elephants

Summary: A herd of Elephants used to visit the lake for drinking water. Unfortunately, on their way to the lake, they would crush hundreds of mice daily under their colossal feet. The problem was getting bigger and bigger day by day. One day, the King Mice met the King Elephant to make a deal. The King Elephant agreed to change the route his herd takes. And in gratitude, the King Mice thanked him by promising King Elephant to help him when in the hour of his need. Later on, the Elephants get trapped in some thick nets and the Mice helped them out by setting them free from the traps and they became best friends forever.
I believe some themes to this story would be gratitude and friendship. Gratitude because showing others this grants nice things for others and yourself as shown in the story, things like friendship, which I would say is the main theme because this whole story gives the idea that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
To conclude, there is quite a bit of cultural items within the story. Like for example, it talks about villages and how the population of the Mice grow and grow because the mice get forced to leave their homes and settle somewhere else. Finding a vacant place, the mice would begin to live in ruined homes and soon their population numbers grew into hundreds and thousands. This is a great representation of India with their large and growing population.

Post #2: Background Information

India is one of the most populated countries in the world. It is home to 1.3 billion people. The Ganges plain, in eastern and north India, is considered on of the most populated areas in the world. It is home to over 900 million people. The countries capital is New Delhi and is home to 26 million people. Mumbai is another major city in India, also home to millions of people. It´s said that Mumbai is popular for its bazaars and and fast food and snacks such as Bhel Puri, Paav Bhaji, etc. There is also a very popular beach and is one of the oldest in Mumbai. India has 16 official languages. But Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi are spoken by the majority of people. Now here are some poverty statistics: 25% poverty rate in rural areas, and 14% poverty rate in urban areas, 270,000,000 Indians are poor. And now for disease statistics: India has an estimated 22.2 million chronic COPD patients and around 35 million chronic asthma patients in 2016. 26% of all deaths occur due to cardiovascular diseases. More than 1.73 million new cancer cases are likely to be recorded each year by 2020. Now as far as religion goes, most of the population practices Hinduism while the rest of the India population practices religions like Islam, Christianity, and Buhhdism. Moving on, here’s a few significant events related to the country.  From 1914-1918, India was involved with World War I. In 1920, Mohandas Gandhi became the leader of the Indian independence movement and the Indian National Congress. And in 1946, the British government agreed to grant India independence. Fun Facts: Besides the fact that India has 16 official languages, they have 454 living other languages. And 100 million people come to India’s Kumbh Mela Festival, the world’s biggest gathering of humans.




Post #1: Introduction

  1. I chose India
  2. I chose this country because I have always been fascinated by the culture and the beauty of it and would love to learn more about it.
  3. I expect to learn a lot of new things about the country and more details about the culture and what life is like there.
  4. What is life like there? What are the popular tourist destinations there? What different things do they celebrate?