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I think that it is quite sad that Romeo and Juliet both have to die in order to bring their families together. I guess they got one thing done before they died. Yes the families hate each other very deeply. It must have been a good reason when the hate first sprung up. A war was perhaps the cause. I doubt that in Romeo and Juliet’s ‘today’ that many of the people even remember why exactly the original reason of hating the other family was. They probably had grown up hating them for very exaggerated reasons. Things that include they smell, they are rude, and they are thieves of the heart. But why do I hate people? For good reasons. I am usually pretty quick to forgive, but if someone is just rotten and gives me a bad feeling to add onto to all their nastiness, I might just say I dislike them. But if someone wants to direct their nastiness onto me and is never truly sorry about it, then yeah they get added to my list. My very short list! 😉 Oh and by the way my hatred is NOT irrational.