What is empathy? Empathy is when one understands another’s feelings through experience. Personally, I think that the world needs empathy. Without it I feel like the world would be a much more depressing place. This is because no one would understand each other, and our feelings wouldn’t be satisfied with only sympathy. How does one get empathy? Well I mean my advice is to get out there and experience. They may be sad, happy, or maddening, but at least you are now able to understand other’s feelings. The last time I felt empathy was with my new puppy. He was going through our doggy door and got his butt a little stuck, and I just felt so much empathy for him because I got MY butt stuck as well! I know it’s crazy, but it happened… like a week ago. Empathy is great, and everyone should have it because it makes you as well as others feel better.

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3 thoughts on “Empathy

  1. I think the world gets stuck on sympathy and they call it good, but i agree it would be better if we had empathy.

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