Book Club Response 1

First, a quick recap of Caminar by Skila Brown. This story follows around a little boy named Carlos. He is living in Guatemala during the time of a civil war. The army is against the rebels. As the story goes on, Carlos is separated from his mom. He tries to find a way to his grandma’s house, with hopes to meet her there. On the way, Carlos finds a group of rebels. Three adults and a child his age. They take him in and they travel together for the time being.

Skila Brown, the author of Caminar, is a women from Kentucky and Tennessee. She has visited Guatemala many times and wrote about it. She actually wrote this book for a homework assignment while she was getting her MFA. While she grew up, her family sponsored Vietnamese refugees. Surrounded by those who were running from war, she saw a different side of life. She felt like there needed to be more books showing the wars going on. Skila wanted the children of America to gain more knowledge of what was going on in different parts of the world. She describes her experience here:

As for the end of the book, I think Carlos will find his way to the Army. He will be caught up in the war that is going on. I think it was pretty predictable that Carlos was separated from his mom, but I wasn’t expecting him to run into a rebel group and befriend them.

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