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Steelhart is a vicious man who doesn’t care about anyone other than him. He thrives off of ruling and controlling others, and when it comes to breaking the rules, he has no mercy. Everyone either loathes him, or pretends to like him in order to keep him from killing them. He wasn’t always like this, however.

This man used to be just like any other low life in the city. He grew up in a poor and unforgiving household. Some months he would live in a torn down apartment, and some he would live out on the streets, begging for a loaf of bread or money, with only a single blanket to keep him warm. Steelhart is not a stranger to pain and nothingness.

As for his family life, it is the reason why he is who he is today. His father only gambled to get money for his family, and even then he was not responsible with his spending’s. He would waste it all on beer and cigars, and would come home drunk almost every night, telling his son that he deserved this break from all the hard work he’s done. His mother was lazy as well, and would sit at home all day watching things on the tv or stuffing her mouth with donuts.

Anytime Steelhart would ask if he could go get a job to be able to afford food, his dad would always scoff and shake his cigar butt at him.

“No one would want to hire a skinny little pussy like you.”

His mom would laugh from the couch and nod.

“Your father is right, steelhart. No one would want you. We didn’t even want you in the first place! You were a mistake and you’re a burden to us every day. If you weren’t here we would actually be able to feed ourselves!”

Steelhart would flinch from the harshness, and his dad would chuckle and swat at his head, teasing him but actually hurting him in the process.

“It’s not my fault im here. The least I could do is get a job to get us some food.”

His dad would raise his eyebrows and look over at him mother, and they’d both burst out in mocking laughter.

“As long as you are under our roof, you will not do anything.”

He never had control over his own life, and that’s why he is so controlling now. As soon as he got a job and went up in the government, he put all of his anger and powers out onto innocent citizens.

Evelyn P

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I am Evelyn Peterson and I do enjoy reading, I just don’t get much time to do it.

I first learned to read in elementary school.

My favorite books are Since Youve Been Gone, Her Royal Hyness, and any YA murder mystery book.

I like to read in my bed with my heating blanket on or outside in the summer on a blanket. I love YA murder mysterys.

I like to read just one at a time.

My favorite to read are any YA romance or murder mystery.

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Post #5: News Article-Evelyn Peterson B8

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I read the article Foreign Policy: Punish Iran’s Rulers, Not Its People on the website npr. This article is basically about how Iran is getting restless and wants to expand they’re economy, and not live under the US sanctions that they’ve been under for the past three decades. Iran has a nuclear program, and the US is trying to halt their progression, along with Iran’s plethora of guards, which they say are their economic power. Some guards where even boasting about all of the weapons and missiles that they have. “Ahmadiejad declares Iran to have become one of the worlds great “nuclear powers.”” “Facing few remaining domestic and international competitors, the guards have developed a virtual monopoly on all economic sectors, including construction, energy, transportation, and recently telecommunications.” People are standing up for a change, including doctors and lawyers, wanting a more flexible political and social system where they can get better access to the world outside of Iran.

Obviously, Iran is in a state of unrest and worry. The people need, and want a change, and are now fighting for it and standing up for themselves. The US is trying to calm them down and convince them to halt their nuclear program, but their Guards, or army, is getting bigger and stronger, and obviously more boastful about the dangerous weapons they carry.

Post #4:Background Information

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Evelyn Peterson B8

Iran has 80 million people living in its borders, and the area covers  1.65 million sq km (636,313 sq miles). The capital city of Iran is named Tehran, and 8.694 million people live there.  The second biggest city in Iran is Mashhad, and in that city there is the Imam Reza Shrine, the Tomb Of Ferdowzi, the Mausoleum of Omar Kayyam, and Kang. The major language spoken there is Persian. Irans poverty rate for 2016 was 11.60%. 12% of the country’s land area is used for agriculture. 6.9% of the money is spend on the country’s health. Islam is the major religion. In 1794,  Mohammad Khan Qajar seizes power and founds the Qajar dynasty, and in 1941, Britain and Russia occupy Iran during Second World War. In 1980 through 1988, the Iran-Iraq war commenced. Some interesting facts i learned about Iran is that most the people believe religious figures have a role to play in government, but they can’t agree on  how big that role should be. They also have the worlds fourth largest stock of proven crude oil reserves. Iran also has one of the largest and most powerful armed forces in the Middle East.

Personal Response, Evie Peterson

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(I can’t figure out how to add the picture of the book)

I loved this book. It was very exiting and fun to learn more of another cultures lifestyle in the modern day world. I loved how in the end, everything got resolved. Khalids mom got called out, Hafsa settled down, Ayesha followed her dream, Khalid stood up to his rude boss, Khalids friend got a place to stay and Ayeshas friend proposed to her boyfriend. And of course, Ayesha an Khalid fell in love and got married. I hated how in the beginning and some parts in the middle of the novel, it took a little while to speed up and get some exiting events to happen. It made me sad when there was the misunderstanding of Khalid marrying Hafsa, when he thought he was marrying Ayesha. Ayesha asked if it was what he wanted, and he said yes, without realizing he wasn’t marrying who he wanted. It made me very angry when Khalids boss was very rude and disrespectful to him, and when his mom played him and married him to Hafsa instead of who she knew he loved. I know understand about their Rishtas and how they work, and how strict some parents can be. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romance novel.

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I have finished Ayehsa At Last, and it is very exciting and fun to read. All of my questions have been answered, like, will Ayesha and Khalid get married? (yes) Will Hafsa finally settle down and find someone she actually likes? (yes) and Will Sheilla and Farzana get what they deserved? (A taste of their own medicine. Yes) I am mostly exited that Khalid and Ayesha got over their differences and decided that they like each other more than anything and want to spend the rest of their lives together, and that Clara and her boyfriend are finally married like she wanted. Hafsa has settled down and is married to a steady, kind wrestler coach, and Khalid is finally seeing her sister.

In the video i chose to share the scene where Tarek exposes Khalids mother about all of the bad and mean things she has done to everyone-even her own daughter. I fell like this is important because she was one of the main antagonists. My group members also shared the scenes where Khalid and Ayesha realized they had feelings for each other, which is the reason for the book, the scene where Khalid and Ayesha cooked together and also figured out that they were certain of their feelings for each other, and the part where Shelia tries to find ways to fire Khalid, but in the end he stands up for himself and gets his job back.

1 in 4 Canadians say it’s becoming ‘more acceptable’ to be prejudiced against Muslims: Ipsos poll

Apparently, many Canadians are saying that it is okay to be prejudiced against Muslims now. Ever since the year 2017, more and more people have simply just looked at a Muslim person, or have met them one time and are automatically judging them and their religion-because of the way they dress or the things they do.

From this article, i read that some, or most Muslim woman wear hijabs for religious reasons. They wear it as a submission to God, and as a reminder to hold fast to their beliefs, like being honest and generous to those in need.

Muslim Culture

Muslims believe in the God Allah, and are encouraged to pray to him five times daily. Many Muslims pray at mosques, at home, or even at work.

Book Club Response 1

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So far in the book, Ayesha at Last, we have found that Ayesha is a teacher and has worked very hard to become one, but she has been feeling like it’s not the thing she wants to do lately. Khalid is working for a company with a mean boss that judges him, and he’s always misinterpreted by others because of the way he looks.  The two of them have been getting feelings for each other but are constantly pushing the feelings down.

The author is Uzma Jalaluddin and she was born in Toronto to south Asian immigrants. I’m somewhat wondering if she wrote this book about her own life, because from what I know about the author, the book is similar to her own personal life. She is Muslim and lives in Canada in modern day time, as well as the main character Ayehsa in the book.

Here are some interesting facts about the book in this video below.

Uzma Jalaluddin a Twitter: “1/ #AyeshaAtLast Random Fact …

Even from the beginning it was obvious that Ayehsa and Khalid would have feelings for each other. They started off on the wrong foot with each other, but by now they have hung out and are gaining strong feelings for each other and both of them acknowledge that they have a crush on each other, although they seem to argue a lot. I predict that they will finally get over their differences and spill all of their feelings for one another. I think that they will date or even plan to get married. I think that Ayehsha will find out what her cousin Hafsa is really doing, and Khalid will confront his boss and she will learn to respect other people different from herself.


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