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Steelhart is a vicious man who doesn’t care about anyone other than him. He thrives off of ruling and controlling others, and when it comes to breaking the rules, he has no mercy. Everyone either loathes him, or pretends to like him in order to keep him from killing them. He wasn’t always like this, however.

This man used to be just like any other low life in the city. He grew up in a poor and unforgiving household. Some months he would live in a torn down apartment, and some he would live out on the streets, begging for a loaf of bread or money, with only a single blanket to keep him warm. Steelhart is not a stranger to pain and nothingness.

As for his family life, it is the reason why he is who he is today. His father only gambled to get money for his family, and even then he was not responsible with his spending’s. He would waste it all on beer and cigars, and would come home drunk almost every night, telling his son that he deserved this break from all the hard work he’s done. His mother was lazy as well, and would sit at home all day watching things on the tv or stuffing her mouth with donuts.

Anytime Steelhart would ask if he could go get a job to be able to afford food, his dad would always scoff and shake his cigar butt at him.

“No one would want to hire a skinny little pussy like you.”

His mom would laugh from the couch and nod.

“Your father is right, steelhart. No one would want you. We didn’t even want you in the first place! You were a mistake and you’re a burden to us every day. If you weren’t here we would actually be able to feed ourselves!”

Steelhart would flinch from the harshness, and his dad would chuckle and swat at his head, teasing him but actually hurting him in the process.

“It’s not my fault im here. The least I could do is get a job to get us some food.”

His dad would raise his eyebrows and look over at him mother, and they’d both burst out in mocking laughter.

“As long as you are under our roof, you will not do anything.”

He never had control over his own life, and that’s why he is so controlling now. As soon as he got a job and went up in the government, he put all of his anger and powers out onto innocent citizens.

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