Climbing into another person’s skin

In the book To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Scout isn’t getting along with her friends and teacher. She wants to quit school and get taught by Atticus. Atticus then says this to her, ” You never really understand a person until you see their point of view. Until you climb into their skin and walk around.” Atticus is trying to say to scout that you have to know what their feeling and going through. You have to put yourself into their position so you can understand them better. Scout needs to understand people better to get them to be more friendly.

Beliefs and Actions

I think its important to know whats in your Belief window because we need to know what were seeing most of the time. Beliefs are formed when we get into a habit something and you stick to it and becomes to a belief. Belief determine are actions because you always think about and you start to try and then become and action and habit we do. I really don’t like having a Belief window I want to see reality how its supposed to be seen. I feel the belief window is causing people to see bad things so they go do the bad things and becomes a threat.

1% gain

In the article that has a really long name that I don’t want to type, It talks about how 1% in something will improve how you do it. Something that I could improve on in life is going to sleep early. I usually don’t go to sleep early I just stay up and do nothing cause I don’t want to go sleep. But when I wake up I’m really tired for school or training and it just sucks. If I go sleep earlier, in a week I would be able to function better in the morning and the rest of the day.

Sticky issue with Equality

What is true Equality? Google says Equality is “The state of being equal, especially in status rights and opportunities.” Back then when racism was pretty big everyone says that we were separate but equal. But the colored weren’t treated equally they were looked down by whites. Equality means that every man or woman has the same rights and treated the same and not one side thinking there better than the other. Equality should always be the case to us and we should not think that the other side is worse than us. We are all humans but with different traits.

Literature Review

There was no title to the story the writer forgot to put one in. The story is about 3 demigods, who have the power to control the 7, 8, and 9 tailed beast. They would turn into it and become really overpowered. There has been a war between gods and ever since, then the gods have shut off contact with earth. The Gods gave them clues that a war will break out and need to find the rest of the demigods. There were some parts that didn’t make sense. There was a twist at the end so. I would recommend the story to people who like fantasy type’s of story’s.

Tell me about it

Right now I am thinking of how boring school is, and how much I want to leave school. I forgot that I still have to do the 1000 word essay so that sucks. I’m also thinking about volleyball and how much I want to beat the lone peak team. I’m pretty hungry so I want to go to lunch, and how lunch is the only fun thing for my b-days. I want to go on a vacation to Hawaii already because it’s so cold this winter. I want to go to the beach and surf there, and chill at the beach.

What i’m reading right now

What I have been reading is The son of Neptune By Rick Riordan. Its fantasy fiction. It is 513 pages. I am a little over half way through with the book and I really like. This is the second book of the series so I recommend reading the first book called The lost hero. The son of Neptune is about, Percy Jackson. He lost his memory and don’t know what he’s doing. He found a camp for half-bloods and was sent on a mission to stop Gaea, the earth goddess. While on the this mission he starts to get his memory back. Him and 6 others will be the ones who will stop Gaea.   

Who am I as a reader

As a reader I don’t read books that much. I hate reading and think its a waste of time. But I’m required to read for my English class so I’ve read like 3 books through junior high. But as a reader I am bad at staying with the story. I get sidetracked and read a whole page without thinking. I get a little confused on whats happening with the mood. As a reader I can usually predicted whats going to happen and make prediction on the future. When I read books I get a better point of view on other people.

How I did during the First term

Overall in the first term I did pretty good. I understood most of the stuff that Mr. Green taught us so feel like I gained more knowledge. I Understood most of the stuff but, it was a struggle for me to use it into the short story’s I wrote. I couldn’t Find good places in my story’s to put in Figurative Language. The rest of the school year I want to be able to use the figurative language in my short story’s a little more. I want to be able to use the explanation in my short story’s so that I can become better.

The power of words

The power of words is what creates the mood in the story. The author uses it to show kind of whats happening in the story with words and not pictures or music. They get us to think on all the stuff that’s happening and figure out the mood, so that we can understand the story better. For example, if someone is dying and there talking to another person most of the time they wont be laughing. Its going to be a serious and sad moment for both of them. It influences our reading so the story can turn out better.