Post #2 Background Information

The population of The Philippines is 104 million people. The most populated city in the Philippines with 25.5 million is the Greater Manila around the metropolitan area. The capitol is Cebu City in Cebu which is also heavily populated. The majority of people speak Filipino and/or English, and the major religion is Christianity. Some other facts are that their currency is Philippine peso, and their life expectancy is 66 years (males) and 73 years (females). Other important dates for the Philippines are:

1542- the islands are claimed and named the Philippines (after their Spanish heir to the thrown).

1946- the Philippines is granted full independence and renamed Republic of the Philippines.

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Blog #1: Introduction

I chose the Philippines as my country. I selected it because I know a few people who have visited there and served LDS missions there and I was curious to learn more about it. I want to discover what daily life is like there and more about what different places are like there. A few questions I have about this country include: What would life look like for me if I lived there? What are some issues that they often have to face? How does education and marriage work there? I’m looking forward to discovering The Philippines and sharing it.

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