Love Moderately

Love Moderately is like if you are in a relationship and you take, take, take. Then sooner or later the other person will give out. But also if you give, give, give in a relationship then you will sooner or later give out. So in a healthy relationship if you take and give then you will both contribute to your relationship. So when Friar Lawrence is telling Romeo to love moderately he is saying to love equally. This relationship is not very good because they have only been together for less then 24 hours and now they are getting married. That is SO wrong. Don’t be like all the Mormon kids. We get married too quickly so it is bound to die from the start just like Romeo and Juliet’s story. Plus they are WAY TOO FREAKING YOUNG to be getting married. But Romeo and Juliet will obviously not take Friar Lawrence’s advice and they will have to pay for that.

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In elementary school there was this girl who one second was really mean and rude to me and my friends and the next second would act like we were best friends. Which we weren’t. I really disliked her. But then she told us that she was moving and that it would be her last day of school. But that day was also our class party and she decided that instead of it being a class party it would be her going away party and my teacher totally agreed. It made me want to kick her in the face. So when she left it was like the best thing that ever happened to me. Which I know all of this sounds dumb and we were in elementary school. My hatred was probably irrational and I didn’t have to dislike her a lot. But she was just so mean to me and my friends. So if you are ever rude or demeaning to me or my friends I will personally seek you out and crush your soul into a million pieces because I love my friends and I will stand up for them.

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Should Schools Still Teach Shakespeare?

I think that Shakespeare should continue to be taught in schools. Yes his work is hard to read, understand, and is from long ago. But this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t study it and learn it. I think that others who think Shakespeare should not be taught in schools have reasonable counterclaims. For example one person might not want to teach Shakespeare because it is meant to be shown, not read at a desk. I completely agree because I was in one of Shakespeare’s plays called “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The script all by itself was very difficult to understand but when it was put all together with acting I understood it very well and it was absolutely hilarious! Another person’s counterclaim is that we should teach different race and cultures and not Shakespeare. I see where they are coming from and what they are thinking but why can’t we teach different race and cultures AND Shakespeare. I don’t see what is wrong with teaching both.

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What I Don’t Know About My Fellow Students

I think that there is a dark side to everyone, no matter who you are. We just don’t ever see it because we are constantly putting on our happy masks just for society. We don’t want people to know that we are slowly dying inside. We feel that if we tell someone about all of our problems that are pulling us down into the darkness that they will look at us differently. We don’t want to be looked at differently, we just want all the pain and suffering to stop. But we keep to ourselves so that others are not pulled down with us into the bottomless pit of darkness and pain. We hide in our shells so that others will never find out about the horrors in our lives. We put on our happy faces so that no one will know that there is a problem with us. We just want to be loved.

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