Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

When Atticus says to climb into other people’s skin it is just like the saying that everyone always says, “Walk a miles in someone else’s shoes.” This means that you need to think of things from someone else’s point of view to understand what they are going through. You can’t judge them before you understand them. If and when Scout applies this to her life she will be able understand all kinds of people. She will be able to sympathies for others around her and she wont be quick to judge others. I think I do this sometimes. When I am quick to judge and I catch myself judging others I immediately think about what they might be going through and it’s not their fault. Just like Atticus says I, “climb into other people’s skin.” to understand how they must be feeling. It is really important to do this so you can help others.

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Empathy means that you understand what someone else is feeling because of a similar experience and you try to help them. Empathy is important because you can help others when they are going through a rough time. If you don’t have empathy then you are a cold hearted person. Since I can’t think of a good experience I picked a stupid one. So once I was dying over a anime called RWBY (Btw you should all watch it. It is SO GOOD!) and the couple episodes I was watching were so intense and horribly sad I was crying and screaming my face off. I was texting my cousin and he had already watched those episodes and he was trying to empathize with me. He told me to breath and try not to explode. I was dying and he told me that everything was going to be okay even though I was crying my face out. So it helped me get through those horribly sad episodes. Yeah I know a stupid example I couldn’t think of anything else.

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2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!

To be honest I don’t remember a thing we did. I know I did really well on the counter claim in my argumentative essay. In fact my argumentative essay was by far my best essay I wrote even though I turned it in late but oh well. Mr. Green said I only needed to change one thing and then I got a really good grade on it. I struggled with informational essay though. Lets just say there were way too many things that I needed to fix. But that was at the start of the year and my brain was still turned off. But I revised it and got a better grade on the essay. I want to set a goal this semester to first, read more because anime has taken over my life. Second, I want to set a goal to become better at writing essays. I know they suck but I have to do them. So I will take my time and write them efficiently but also be able to turn them in on time.

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What you need to know before signing up for the Pop Lit course

The Popular Literature class is FREAKING AMAZING!!! I loved this class so much and I would always look forward to coming. I had always wanted to take an advanced reading class but there weren’t any. So then when I heard about this class I went straight to to guidance center and made a class change and I am so glad I did. The Pop Lit class wasn’t too hard you just had to make sure you did all the work and don’t be a slacker. I had already read the books we were reading in the class but it was fun to have another chance to read them. I absolutely loved The Book Thief even though it is freaking depressing. I was glad to be able to read it again. I think that any and everyone who loves books should take this class. It is so much fun and Mr. Green is so freaking awesome. I am so glad I was able to take this class and have such a great time.

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The Books I Chose

Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse and there are 240 pages. I chose this because I think I read this once but I don’t remember. I expect to remember what this is about.

Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals and there are 240 pages. I chose this book because it comes with Out of the Dust. I expect to cry a lot over this book.


Design Thinking

The Design Thinking process is becoming more and more popular. This process is useful because it helps you find the needs and wants of others so you can sell or present a product. I think we are using this process more and more in English class because in the world today technology is getting bigger and we have to keep up with all the products it is selling. We need to learn the Design Thinking process for our future careers. This will help greatly when we are in a situation at work were we have to upgrade a product. I also think the Design Thinking process is to help upgrade products into new and improved things to help this growing world. The Design Thinking process is used everywhere today. They use it to create new games for your phones new books for you to read and to update all the apps on your phone to make them better.

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Book Review of A Monster Calls.

What it is about: A Monster Calls is about Conor and his mom who has cancer. One night at 12:07 the yew tree behind his house came to life. The monster said that he was going to tell him three tales and Conor would tell him the fourth tale.

The big ideas: The author showed how to deal with real life situations. For example he used cancer because many people fight cancer nowadays.

What I liked: I liked the monster. He was a cool character. I liked how he was a yew tree. I also liked the tales he told. Although they don’t make sense because there is no theme in them but they were still interesting.

What I disliked: I did not like Conor. He was just a selfish little brat and he felt like he was alone when there were multiple people trying to help him. Although that is what most people do in hard situations I still did not like him. I also hated his father. He was just a complete jerk. He came to help Conor and his mom but he just made things worse.

Why does this book matter: This book matters because it shows real life situations and how to help you through them.