2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!

To be honest I don’t remember a thing we did. I know I did really well on the counter claim in my argumentative essay. In fact my argumentative essay was by far my best essay I wrote even though I turned it in late but oh well. Mr. Green said I only needed to change one thing and then I got a really good grade on it. I struggled with informational essay though. Lets just say there were way too many things that I needed to fix. But that was at the start of the year and my brain was still turned off. But I revised it and got a better grade on the essay. I want to set a goal this semester to first, read more because anime has taken over my life. Second, I want to set a goal to become better at writing essays. I know they suck but I have to do them. So I will take my time and write them efficiently but also be able to turn them in on time.

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4 thoughts on “2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!

  1. I have had trouble writing my essays too. I would get distracted and then it would take forever. My goal on second term was to get better at it.

  2. Ya mine were late too. And oh my gosh you do not need to read more. You are already a readaholic. Also, itÅ› HALKmoth. Also, Adrien is hot.

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