Love Moderately

Love Moderately is like if you are in a relationship and you take, take, take. Then sooner or later the other person will give out. But also if you give, give, give in a relationship then you will sooner or later give out. So in a healthy relationship if you take and give then you will both contribute to your relationship. So when Friar Lawrence is telling Romeo to love moderately he is saying to love equally. This relationship is not very good because they have only been together for less then 24 hours and now they are getting married. That is SO wrong. Don’t be like all the Mormon kids. We get married too quickly so it is bound to die from the start just like Romeo and Juliet’s story. Plus they are WAY TOO FREAKING YOUNG to be getting married. But Romeo and Juliet will obviously not take Friar Lawrence’s advice and they will have to pay for that.

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