Climbing Into Other People’s Skin

What Atticus means by climbing into other people’s skin is that you need to try and see things from another person’s point of view. No, this is not illegal because you’re not literally climbing into another person’s skin. This is good because then Scout may not get in as much trouble because she won’t judge as much, or say something that would get her to be in trouble. She will probably be more quiet and helpful to her teacher and others. She will understand more of what people are going through, and that will help her to get along with people, like Atticus was saying.


Empathy is sharing an experience with someone and feeling what they feel because you have gone through, or done the same thing or a similar thing as them. I showed empathy towards one of my cousins because her cat is old and can’t do everything on his own anymore. She was wondering if she should put him down or not. I have experienced something similar to that. My first real pet, Ducky, was a tabby cat. Just a few years ago, he got a tumor. I didn’t know if I should put him down or not either. I told her that I knew exactly what she was going through and was also sad for her cat.

My cousin’s cat is Siamese.

2nd Semester Goals and Aspirations!

What I feel like i did best during the first semester was the quotes in my essays. What I did really well in this class was reading. I brought a book every time. I also am glad that I was able to get an A grade in both the first and second semester. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get an A grade in this class but I did. I feel like I can get better at making my blog posts a little bit longer. I feel like I usually run out of things to say before I get 100 words.

Design Thinking

This is a good process. I think that we are stating to use it in English class because it’s a good process to use. It can be applied to a lot of things, such as our presentations about poetry. I think that we are also using it in English class because it teaches us how to use this process if we have a job that uses it later in life. Using this process in English class teaches us how to make a plan and execute it. It also teaches us that things do not always work on the first try.

Promoting Change

I think that it is our responsibility to promote change in our society. If we see someone bullying another person, we should stand up to them. If we think something isn’t right in our society, you should go do something about it. But we should only do something about it as long as you don’t break the law doing it. You can protest all you want, just don’t vandalize or break people’s property while you’re doing it. It is our responsibility to promote change because we have the right to do so. We have freedom of speech, so we need to use it. The good thing about America is that we as citizens can change our country, not just the government. We get a say in change.

Thanksgiving Words of the Week

It was Thanksgiving. I did not want anything to do with it. My mom said I was being a recluse, but I didn’t care one bit. When the family came over, I hid in the basement. But it was only because my family was repugnant and loud. When it was time to eat, I grabbed a plate as quickly as I could and went outside. It didn’t matter that it was snowing, I had made a fort in the corner of the yard for these types of things. A few minutes later, one of my cousins,Brooke, came outside. She was ok, and she didn’t like loud people either. We talked until she had to go.

The Search For The Perfect Book

In my search for the perfect book, I came across “Okay for Now”. It looked interesting to me because I remembered that one of my friends had been talking about it. She said that she really liked it. She also said that it was by Gary D. Schmidt, the author of “The Wednesday Wars”. I liked “The Wednesday Wars”, so I think that I will like this one. It’s rating on the website was about 4.5 stars, so I think it will be very interesting. It looks like this book also takes place during the Vietnam War, so that will be really cool.

How I Define Equality

Equality is a broad topic that covers a lot of things. Equality to me means that everybody has the same rights. It does not mean that we are all exactly the same, because then things are boring and not very many people can reach their potential. Equality means that we all get the same pay on the same job, no matter if we’re black, white, male or female. It means that we are all treated the same. Everybody needs to be nice to each other. Going back to the equality with rights, we should all be judged and punished the same according to the law. Nobody is above the law. I feel that racism, sexism, ect. should not exist because nobody is better than anyone else, but that does not mean literally and in every way.


I had gone hiking up into the mountains earlier today. I found a camping spot way up the canyon next to a pond. There were few other campers in the area. Night had fallen now, and my campsite was set up. I decided to go to the bathroom before bed. On my way, I heard something out in the forest, but  continued walking. About 10 seconds later, I swear I saw something out of the corner of my eye. By this point, I had quickened my pace to a fast walk. I heard the thing climb a tree, and caught a glimpse of movement. Luckily I had made it to the bathroom by this point. I went inside and heard a loud thud on the roof. I was very apprehensive, there was an ominous mood in the air. I decided to run out of the bathroom and into my car. I bolted out the bathroom and sprinted down the path to the campsites. That thing was chasing me. It was gaining on me, and I could hear it breathing and growling. I would never make it to my car, so I dove into the pond when I ran by it, I was now safe. I shined my flashlight on the thing that had chased me, a cougar. The cougar turned, and ran back into the forest.

The Sticky Issue of Equality

I honestly feel like when the people who wrote the declaration of independence talked about equality, they meant things like, getting paid the same amount if you have the same job, having the same rights, and being able to own property. I feel like the government should make sure that we are all equal because sometimes people don’t want us to be equal and then the government can help make sure that we’re being treated fairly. Some people are born different, and I don’t think that that’s what the people meant when they said that all men are created equal. I think they meant it with your rights, not everybody has to be the same type of equal.